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    That's a neat idea, and you now have a very unique-looking ring! But mine isn't a plain band - I have a bridal set, the engagement ring has a bunch of tiny stones plus a larger central stone and the wedding band has more tiny stones. Right now they're separate rings, I've thought about getting them soldered together, dunno if that would help the fit issue. The metal is already sterling silver, as well, and from what I understand you can't do a lot of reworking on sterling silver. Maybe the Etsy seller would give me a discount on re-buying the same set again, only smaller? LMAO.

    Soldering them together should reduce them by half a size. You could probably ask the jeweler if they could add an additional band to the inside after being sodered together to make them even smaller if needed. What an amazing problem to have!

    Novel solution! Just a cautionary tale about rings - when I started this journey I didn't think my hands were pudgy at all, and my ring finger was a size 8. Now it's a size 4.5 and closer to a 4. So yeah, definitely best to get near goal weight before resizing rings, if at all possible!

    Yep. I'm also now a size 4 (was a 5). Also my SHOE SIZE has gone down a size. Weirdness.

    I was a six when I first married, so we'll see where I'm at when we go ring shopping for real next year. I still fit in my original engagement/wedding band from the first marriage. I'd love my feet to drop in size. I'm a 10 wide and half the time I wear men's sport shoes for the broader last.
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