What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • mtaratoot
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    I rest my calories to a lower amount. What was happening was I was eating a bit of this or the crusts of the kids sandwiches and with such a small calorie deficit all those little bites and bits were pushing me over. However, with a bigger deficit those little bits are of no matter. I’ve also been less hungry this week! And it feels so sustainable- so here’s hoping I’ve cracked the code for what this body needs to lose weight and I can make it work and stick with it!

    Another way to do it is to add an "adjustment" to your diary. If you go to a meal (or some category however you wish) and add a food. Search for "Adjustment." You can find one easily that's 100 calories. Give yourself a half serving or full serving of that, or however much makes sense. Just means you're actually doing a better job of logging calories IN so you can find the right balance over time.

    I usually do a "quick add calories" to my day for the same purpose, and that's another way to do it.