What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    Today's NSV for me (even though it is related to what the scale says) is that I have left behind Obese-BMI-land and have re-entered Overweight-BMI-territory, for the first time in almost 15 years. Whatever controversies the BMI charts may have regarding women's weight or aging, it is one metric which allows me to track progress, and it's kinda thrilling.

    It was great to move down from Obese Class II to Obese Class I, but this is better. In another 28 pounds I hit the Healthy range!

    I was also happy to move from Obese II to Obese I, and I look forward to getting out of Obese for good (about 12 more pounds). BMI has its issues, as you say, but I am not a bodybuilder or other body type that is likely to get an inaccurate score. I simply have too high a percentage of body fat. Good for you for hitting those numbers! I hope to join you soon!