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one big meal a day and treats....

ronnie786 Posts: 24 Member
Hey guy's so I was just wondering if I can get some help here, can I put on weight by eating like this....

Two weetabix with 125ml of semi skimmed milk and a teaspoon of sugar.

3-4 cashew nuts

Tomato based curry with 2 chapatis

Options hot chocolate with a teaspoon of sugar
And a treat like a slice of cake....

I've been on mfp for 6 months and lost 26lbs so far but I've recently started to treat myself more I only use to have weetabix for breakfast then dinner I know it sounds like I'm not eating enough but I always have Indian food for dinner seen as though I'm Indian lol... so my question is can eating curry and treating myself everyday cause me to gain weight? I feel if I don't treat myself I'm more likely to overeat or even worse binge....


  • Vigilance88
    Vigilance88 Posts: 95 Member
    doesn't matter what, when or how you eat as long as you stay in a deficit.
  • corgicake
    corgicake Posts: 846 Member
    It's gonna be about the numbers. If you're sitting on your duff all day, this could mean 2300 gets you to gain. If you're training for something huge, 2800 might be too low to even maintain. As far as treating yourself goes there's nothing wrong with a diet that gets your body what it needs, regardless of what store or restaurant the food came from.
  • ronnie786
    ronnie786 Posts: 24 Member
    According to mfp I'm always within my calories I'm on a 1200cal a day plan. Or sometimes even under if I don't have a treat.
  • _Zardoz_
    _Zardoz_ Posts: 3,987 Member
    As you have so little to lose (according to your ticker) it would be sensible to reset your projected loss to .5 pound that way you can eat more and the transition to maintenance will be easier. It does sound like you could have been eating far more. Good luck