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Something I'm trying... Several years ago when I worked at a gym, a lot of us would take Redline pills before we worked out. They're not Rx, no ephedrine, and they're not "diet pills" per se, they're thermogenics, meaning they theoretically increase the number of calories you burn during a workout by raising your body temperature and making you sweat more than you normally would. I never found them addictive (there's nothing in them that carries abuse potential) and I overall just liked how they made me feel during my workout, like I could do more than I normally could. I've been taking them again, only before my workouts, and I'm liking it so far. Obviously I have to stay SUPER hydrated, more than I normally do. But I think this will be a good thing, ultimately. Thoughts/criticisms are welcome, especially if you have experience with these.


  • I was never sure about supplements. You hear all sorts of differents stories; some good, others bad. And all of them make the same claim to be a definitive help if not THE definitive product for weight loss, or muscle gain. How can one be sure? I typically just avoid them altogether.
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    The concept of using supplements to lose weight seems counter productive, but if the primary goal is just an energy boost, I'm for it. For me Vitamins, Caffiene, Createin, and Whey Protein are what I'm comfortable with.
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    I've used a Beachbody supplement a few years ago and have just started trying Metaboburn. I feel like when I've taken supplements they help boost my energy but I'M the one doing the work to make them actually make a difference because I've never lost weight or gotten fit with JUST supplements. Ever. I feel like they are good for a boost but don't want to use them long-term. Supplements like with protein are my favorite, long-term supplements. Good luck and I hope more people comment because this is something I'm curious about as well. :)
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    Just becareful that if you decide to use Supps, then that is exactly what it is a SUPPLEMENT. NOT A REPLACEMENT.

    Supps should only be used if you are in some sort of training program like body builder, fitness cover model or athlete.
    The average person, even fit average person really dont need to bother with them. The could get all they need just from their nutrition and multivitamins.

    I know this may sound wierd coming from a guy whose wearing a AUSSIE SUPPS shirt, But i only use supps when im in a serious training mode. 2 times a day, 4 times a week with a strict nutritional plan. Every other time, i just take Protein, Fish oil.

    Most weight loss supps are very dangerous, regardless of whether they are legal or not.
    For eg products with DMAA were banned a few years ago becuase they elevated your heart rate to like 120bpm and stayed at that for much of the day. This meant your body was requiring more energy to get those extra pumps, therefore using fat for energy and speeding up the metabolism.....Basically anything that says Thermogenic Metaboliser follow this process which is why they come with heallth warnings and say if you are going to use it DON EXCEED THE RECOMMENEDED DOSAGE (which everybody ignores as most like to double dose) and CYCLE 4 WEEKS ON, TWO WEEKS OFF (Another Rule everybody ignores).