Are there any recipes using yeast that aren't bread/alcohol?

NaurielR Posts: 429 Member
I'm just curious. My mom is going through a bread baking phase and bought some new yeast, but this only happens a couple times a year, so if last year is any indication, we won't go through the entire jar before it goes bad.

So, are there any uses for yeast that isn't a bread or alcohol? A quick google revealed nothing except bread recipes that requires yeast and websites on how to treat yeast infections.


  • jhmomofmany
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    Would you be interested in making homemade soda? If I remember correctly, homemade ginger ale and root beer usually use wine maker's yeast, but will also work with bread yeast.

    ETA: I think yeast will keep in the freezer for a long time.
  • elsyoommen
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    so you are not eating bread? or just wheat? if you are open to rice based "breads" you can google "appam". Very tasting south indian bread made of rice yeast and coconut.

    you can also look on the paleomom website she has a number of grain free breads including at least one that uses yeast.