Finished P90X3!

texstorm Posts: 158 Member
Today I did my 90 day fit test, took photos and took measurements and I'm very happy.

I increased my vertical leap by 3 inches. That may not sound like much, but for a middle-aged white guy who was never all that springy, it's huge. I also lost 3 inches off my waist and added an inch and a half to my chest and an inch to each bicep. Did a little happy dance after noting that today.

I love that I got the whole thing done, but now I'm going to miss the workouts.

I'm moving on to a different program to get me into the summer, but this was fun. I'll definitely do it again.



  • bellarose1207
    bellarose1207 Posts: 26 Member
    Great Job!
  • katkins73
    katkins73 Posts: 416 Member
    Congratulations, they are impressive results :smile:
  • EmilyJ1979
    EmilyJ1979 Posts: 144 Member
    Great..well done :happy: I'm currently in week 8 and loving it! Which program are you doing next?
  • shellgoff
    shellgoff Posts: 189 Member
    Great job! My husband and I are currently in week 10!

    What program you doing next!??
  • Burghaus
    Burghaus Posts: 22 Member
    You increased your vertical leap by 3 inches. That may be all mine is :-)
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