Jillian Michaels dvd

I am doing ripped in 30 days. I made it thru week one and took a couple days off. I started week 2 and flopped.. Partial is cause I did 3 workout classes on Saturday for a Les Mills launch Party at the YMCA. I did body pump, attack and combat.. so yesterday and today I am still really sore.. but not my point..

During part of her workout she had me doing planks on the floor but being active with the legs like "jumping jacks" and "mountain climbing" I believe that is what she called them. Anyways, I have hard wood floors. I use an exersice mat but doing those things it just got in the way.. but on trying to do without it.. my feet just slipped all over the place.. any suggestions to prevent the slipping?


  • mamahannick
    mamahannick Posts: 322 Member
    If you're wearing proper shoes I wouldn't think your feet would slip. Maybe get some shoes with better grip?
  • rwieber
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    Are you wearing tennis shoes? I am doing RI30 also and today was my first day of level 2 (weird)! I workout on carpet but I think if you wear shoes, you should be ok??
  • mygrl4meee
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    Yes. I am wearing the same shoes that I use everyday for walking and all my workout classes that I do. I probably should invest in some new shoes soon. I will attempt it again today.. I don't know if my issues is more I am a clutz right now cause my muscles are sore or I am really just losing my grip.