Today is Tuesday, NSV (Non-Scale Victory) Day!!

LianaG1115 Posts: 453 Member
Today I put on another, just purchased 2 weeks ago, pair of size 12 jeans and they too need a belt!! Whoot whoot!! I love Tuesday's these little NSV's really motivate and give me positive in a world of negatives!!!

Please share in your NSV's I love to read them and get inspired by others and your stories too!!! Happy posting!!! :flowerforyou:


  • ultrafishboy
    ultrafishboy Posts: 63 Member
    When the women at work snub you or you overhear them talking about you behind your back because you look so good, or you get "the look" from them; and when the men are more attentive, engaging you in trivial conversations, spending more time at your desk. I have experienced all of these today. Lovin' my new 4 size smaller clothes!!!!
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