30 Day Nap Challenge

ThinLizzie0802 Posts: 863 Member
Do you have what it takes?


  • DainaLC
    DainaLC Posts: 18,937 Member
    This is so doable!!
  • spade117
    spade117 Posts: 2,466 Member
    I would skip the first week or two.
  • WeepingAngel81
    WeepingAngel81 Posts: 2,232 Member
    I'm pretty well trained. I think I can go to day 12 and work my way from there.
  • fauxpunker
    fauxpunker Posts: 59 Member
    I'm afraid I might wind up binging.
  • 1HappyRedhead
    1HappyRedhead Posts: 413 Member
    I can do this one in my sleep! :wink:
  • sevsmom
    sevsmom Posts: 1,173 Member
    Now THIS is right up my alley!!!
  • fit2014yay
    fit2014yay Posts: 41 Member
    Phooey! Already up to Day 30!! :sad: Got a schedule for Days 31-60?
  • OhioTallGuy
    OhioTallGuy Posts: 82
    I thinks this is a challenge I can do. But what happens if I over do it?
  • Sinisterly
    Sinisterly Posts: 10,913 Member
    I think I already beat it, I slept 21 hours.
  • becker420
    becker420 Posts: 59
    I'm with nerdybutt83. My child will not let me my eyes close and she is in my face.
  • LiftAllThePizzas
    LiftAllThePizzas Posts: 17,857 Member
    Do you have what it takes?
    I'm up to elite-level "double body weight" naps.
  • danasings
    danasings Posts: 8,218 Member
    I'm afraid I might wind up binging.

    This is also my fear.
  • Derp_Diggler
    Derp_Diggler Posts: 1,456 Member
    I've been training for this my whole life. If napping was a sport I'd be an elite athlete. Probably with big endorsement deals from couch manufacturers and La-Z-Boy
  • SugarBaby71
    SugarBaby71 Posts: 3,630 Member
    I'm looking for a partner to do this challenge with.
  • llama_sammich
    llama_sammich Posts: 124
    If I didn't work, I would sooo be in.
  • Myhaloslipped
    Myhaloslipped Posts: 4,317 Member
    Haha, already on it!