I washed my fitbit :(

Has anyone else done this? It worked right after but now is completely dead and will not turn on.


  • coolblondenerd
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    What kind of Fitbit did you have? The Flex is the only waterproof one, so if you had the one or the zip, I'm afraid you'll have to get a new one.
  • bloodofareptile
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    Probably too late for you now, but whenever you get electronics wet, you should seal them up overnight with dry rice or silica gel WITHOUT turning them on. Those will suck the moisture out and make them safe to try to turn on again.

    Turning things on is usually what fries them after they get wet. You can try it with the fitbit and see if it recovers, but it may have gone to the great electronics graveyard in the sky.

    Sorry. :-/
  • Railr0aderTony
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    Go to the Fitbit website, the Customer service is wonderful. Can not gaurentee they will replace it free but they have in the past. When my Ultra died they gave me 1/2 off a One since they don't make the Ultra anymore. Wife had problems with hers and they replaced it free. But they will help you out.

  • mummma
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    customer service are great i hear! i would contact them asking them if theres a way to get it to work... they may offer a replacement! ill cross my fingers for you! im buying one at the end of the month :) x
  • kraft_kris
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    I'll try customer service, thanks for the input!
  • PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot
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    I've put my One through the wash a couple of times. Don't touch the button, throw it in a cup of rice for a day or so, then give it a shot.
  • msbunnie68
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    You are supposed to EAT clean ...

    I second the cup of rice ...works for iphones too...
  • Jodibear58
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    I went swimming with my ultra a couple of years ago and they replaced it for free. I know that they have tightened up what they will and will not do, but it is worth a shot!