New to the Group, what do you think of Graze?

Hey all!
My name is Samantha Woods, and I'm new to the group and a returning myfitnesspal member. I would love to find support on here along with awesome recipes, and let me be friends with you so I can return the motivation!

Since I was on this page, an ad popped up. It was for the graze treat box, have any of y'all heard of it?
My boss pays $6 for every box and she swears by it, but honestly if I was paying $6 for 4 different treats I'd want more of it.
Please let me know what you all are thinking about it, and if you don't know what I'm talking about here's a link,

Hope to get to know everyone soon!


  • diannethegeek
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    I got my free graze box and then canceled them. Their snacks are tasty, but I find them overpriced. Would rather shop for snacks in bulk or make my own fancy snacks for less.
  • Tillyecl1
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    Wouldn't be without my Graze box, I don't drink, smoke or have a gym membership so my Graze box is my weekly treat :-). I don't eat enough to justify the bulk buy either, I just end up throwing a lot away, so for me they are perfect.
  • qtgonewild
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    i absolutely love my graze. i get a box a week.
  • qtgonewild
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  • Bebubble
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    How it works is you go to this site.

    You sign up and use my code

    Then you will have 5 different boxes mailed to you at any time you wish.
    Main thing to remember here is YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME.
    The 1st and 5th box is free the 2nd through 4th is $6.00
    These snacks are yummy, healthy and quick.
    And you can pick which ones you want.
  • TravelDog14
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    Over-priced and over-hyped.
    For healthy snacks I can find more bang for my buck at my local grocer.
  • alphamommie
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    I got my second Graze box this week in an effort to eat healthy and save trips to the store (I buy produce & breads from a co-op). Here are the pros and cons I've come up with.

    Variety. I was taking my own mix of almonds, raisins, and just a few m&ms to give me my chocolate fix. This got really old after a month. I could buy more nuts, seeds, etc. in bulk and put together more mixes but then it'd all go stale, and I have to store it all, and it's just too difficult for me. This is the biggest thing I wanted.

    Portions. They "look" small, but if you follow the rule of waiting 20 minutes to see if you're full, it usually works for me. My meals are: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, light dinner. My graze box is usually my afternoon snack.

    Shipped. No shopping, enough said :)

    Choices. They let you mark all their snack options (80-100+) in four categories: Gross, Try, Like, Love. If marked Gross, you'll never receive it. Then they mix in Try, Like, Love with more frequency in your Loves than Likes.

    Cancel at any time. There are alternative companies, like NatureBox. I chose Graze because their cancellation process is simply you going into your account online and selecting "cancel." Other companies force you to call and I didn't want to get caught in dealing with that.

    Calorie counter. They offer two boxes - regular & calorie counter. The CC box guarantees no snack will be above about 130 calories. This is the box I've chosen.

    Flexibility. You can choose to receive your box every two weeks, every week or less often. You can also order a "one-time" box.

    Price. My local health-food store sells almonds about $8/pound which is about 50-cents an ounce. A one-ounce snack costs $1.50 with graze. I justify this because 1) My grocery bill is small from shopping the co-op for everything else; 2) I'd be bulk-buying more than just almonds to put together my mixes and 3) Have I mentioned not going to the store :)

    Only four in each box. There are five work days a week, I wish they gave me five so I'd have one for each day but I survive.

    ***I used a code from a friend that gave me the 1st & 5th box free so I'm paying $18 for FIVE boxes. If I hate it after five boxes, I'll cancel. If my review has helped and if you want the same deal, please use my code and I'll receive $1 my next box. Thanks! CODE: RAECHE84P.