Down 50lbs! W/pics

Reb2979 Posts: 19 Member
Hello all! I would like to start off by saying I have struggled with my weight my whole life, continuously fluctuating up and down. At my highest (in the picture on the left) I was at 216 lbs. I was miserable, nothing fit me and I found myself crying a lot for no reason. I realized I am an emotional eater and enjoy eating late at night. Over the past three years I have been plucking away at my weight, only becoming serious about it within the past 4 months. I am down to around 166 pounds! I try to eat more veggies and fruit, as I enjoy all kinds. I also try to drink more water, eliminated soda, coffee, and tea from my diet completely, and try to run at least 3 times a week. My runs are never anything too intense, more of a jog and only for about twenty minutes. I will sometimes do zumba workouts or use an elliptical but I much rather jog outside. This is just a stop on my journey as my goal weight is somewhere between 135-145. I have never been that thin my entire life so I will have to see how it looks the closer I get! I should add that I'm 5'9 so I carry my weight much differently than a person who is shorter than me.



  • raevyn70
    raevyn70 Posts: 113 Member
    You look fantastic! Awesome job!
  • RachelRuns9
    RachelRuns9 Posts: 585 Member
    Congratulations! You look so great! I totally relate to your story: the emotional eating challenges and never being active before... it's quite a difficult journey in so many aspects! But are kicking butt. Great job with the running!! I'm really happy for you! :)
  • rosehips60
    rosehips60 Posts: 1,030 Member
  • johnnyhatesjazz
    johnnyhatesjazz Posts: 95 Member
    Wow you look awesome.. Great job :smile:
  • Keepcalmanddontblink
    Keepcalmanddontblink Posts: 718 Member
    You look fantastic!!
  • StacyRenee77
    StacyRenee77 Posts: 2,732 Member
    You look amazing
  • fastracker
    fastracker Posts: 11 Member
    Good work. Gonna try and lose 50 myself. Starting Mon. Never had to try this before. Taking a little help from Medifast. Hope it works, feeling it lately.
  • PJPrimrose
    PJPrimrose Posts: 916 Member
  • chari182
    chari182 Posts: 24 Member
    Great job! :)
  • felonebeats
    felonebeats Posts: 433
    Good work,keep it up
  • You look great after all of your hard work... congrats!! :smile:
  • branbuds
    branbuds Posts: 624 Member
    Congrats! You look amazing!:smile:
  • Congratulations! You look great! We are a similar height/weight - I am 5' 9 1/2" and started at 220 lbs and after 8 months of tracking in MFP I am now at 167. I too have fluctuated with my weight my whole life, and I am an evening binge eater. It's hard for me to see my own progress when I look in the mirror, so seeing someone of a similar height and weight is very motivating for me! :)
  • sbrociousstewart
    sbrociousstewart Posts: 8 Member
    This is just what I needed to see today! We have almost the same starting and current weights, but its always easier to see progress in someone else. You look fabulous, girl!
  • Reb2979
    Reb2979 Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you all so much for your postivie, encouraging words! You all have helped to motivate me to keep going forward! You all look amazing!
  • JulieE1002
    JulieE1002 Posts: 162 Member
    Way to go girl! I am so proud of what you have accomplished! :)
  • Minnesnowtagurl
    Minnesnowtagurl Posts: 406 Member
    Grat job!!!!! You look great and you are an inspiration to many!
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