Your love life and your weight loss . . .

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How has your love life (or the lack of) affected your decision to lose weight?
And go . . .


  • getitamb
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    I thought I would find more dates. I get hit on not that much especially with friends. But nothing . So about the same as beforr
  • walleyclan1
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    I was less into sex prior because I didn't like my body. Now I am confident and feel sexy and frisky!
  • seltzermint555
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    I never had problems getting dates even though I was over 200 lb from age 15 onward.

    In my teens & 20s I had lots of decent relationships and then got married at 25 and it was blah, I was not in love with my husband. We were both very obese and kinda miserable in general, but didn't realize it. We were not that attracted to each other even at the start. It was more like good friends. Late in our decade of marriage I got to 307 lb and it scared me, I didn't want to die young. I started to make attempts to get healthier and he did not. I'm not talking about anything drastic - I hadn't discovered MFP or anything - but I didn't smoke, drink much, etc. He did, and he had serious health problems that he just ignored for the most part. As a result I was WAY more active & energetic than my ex and he resented that and ultimately we split up.

    At that point I was down to about 262 lb, which for me at the time was pretty normal. I was actually pretty happy with myself and after the divorce I started dating with the specific hopes of finding a guy who would actually be into me at my size, not just settling for a fat woman. I dated a lot and then found an AMAZING, fit & healthy guy who was truly into me - in all ways. That gave me even more confidence and over time (with no prompting from him except invitations on walks, hikes, and cooking me healthy yummy food) I began to feel more & more curious about healthier food and exercise. But I didn't lose weight, really. I felt stuck.

    A longtime online friend of mine lost over 100 lb on this site. So I decided to give it a shot even though I was skeptical. It has been working well for me and now my husband, who was already fit and healthy, has joined too and we do MFP together. I am now down a total of over 120 lb from my heaviest 5 years ago and very happy :-)
  • Jestinia
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    I thought I might want sex again after I lost the weight, but I'm still suffering from a serious case of why bother. Oh well.