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Paleo Snacks

IloveXfit47IloveXfit47 Member Posts: 12 Member Posts: 12
I only know of a couple easy Paleo snacks, but the diet is fairly strict and its hard to keep strict with an on-the-go lifestyle?
I like Jerky. Its Paleo meat and its quick.
Do you guys know of any other PALEO snacks that are easy and preferably protein based?


  • jasatijasati Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Type in Paleo Recipes on your search engine I think you will find plenty of options for snacks & meals. I hope so...good luck.
  • rachaelgaston412rachaelgaston412 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    For Paleo snacks check out I am on a modified Paleo Diet where I eat paleo 80% of the time.These snacks really come in handy. Paleo Ranch uses all natural grass fed beef and only supports humane farming practices. They have a smokey bbq bacon jerky that is to die for. It is such a delicious snack. I also love their cinnamon raison bars. They taste great and really keep me full!
  • StrawblackcatStrawblackcat Member Posts: 944 Member Member Posts: 944 Member
    Epic bars and pork rinds are usually my go-to's. I like Epic bars since they source sustainably raised animals to make their jerky, and because the bars are soft & chewy instead of like leather. Pork rinds are great to replace chips, since 1 oz servings usually have about 16 grams of protein. Epic makes those too (and they're amazing!) but Mac's makes a really good variety that they cal chicharones, which are cut thicker and include a bit more of the fried fat on them. Walmart seems to be the only place that carries them, though.

    Also, Primal Kitchen makes some really good protein bars that source their protein primarily from collagen peptides. They make a variety of flavors, but most of them have a variety of nuts and are slightly sweet.
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Member Posts: 30,886 Member Member Posts: 30,886 Member
    Hard boiled egg, smoked salmon, nuts (more fat based, but good snack).
    edited January 2017
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