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5'7" ladies



  • szarlotka717
    szarlotka717 Posts: 85 Member
    I'm around 5'7". At my heaviest, I was 189 (medium in tops and size 12/14 in pants). I'm currently between 145-150, depending on weight fluctuation (small in tops and size 6/8 in pants). My goal was 145, so while I'd like more 140-145 days, I'm more in maintenance mode. My short term goals are to improve fitness and regain my exercise habit.
  • DWBalboa
    DWBalboa Posts: 37,259 Member
    Just my thoughts, rather than aiming for a number on the scale aim for getting to a place where you feel good about your body and the way it looks to you in the mirror.
    When I started MFP, I was aiming for 170ish because that’s where I was when I was in my best shape but now I’m realizing that 170ish may not be as obtainable as I once thought. But that’s not a bad thing, I’ve been tracking my bodies measurements, my arms, calves, hip and legs are getting slightly bigger while my neck, waistline, and even my moobs are decreasing in size but for the last three weeks the scale has only fluctuated up and down a pound. I have a feeling I may eventually settle around 180ish which as long as I can walk on the beach without people trying pushing me back in the water, I’ll be good with that.
    Keep in mind that your body composition also comes into play, i.e. petite or medium built. I have somewhat broad shoulders so I’d never get to my BMI’s weight of 150ish.
    So good luck I wish you luck with reaching your goals.
  • bebeisfit
    bebeisfit Posts: 951 Member
    I'm between 5'7" and 5'8". I'm also 52 years old - I think that makes a difference.

    At my heaviest I was a size 26 at 260 pounds
    At my lowest I was a size 12 at 180 pounds. And honestly couldn't imagine going below 170. I felt and looked good!

    Right now I'm 199 and size 16.

    It all depends on your body composition % of body fat, your shape, pear, apple?
  • sastage
    sastage Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5'7" and my goal is 145. My highest was over 200, but right now I started at 180. I am 49 and have thyroid issues too. I fit in size 12 comfortably now.
  • Saucy_lil_Minx
    Saucy_lil_Minx Posts: 3,302 Member
    I'm 5'6", and my goal weight is 180, but I'm becoming less worried with the scale #, and working more towards muscle gain, and inches lost now! I'll stay at my 201.... If it means I am strong, and my tummy flattens out!

    You look amazing!!!
  • So_Much_Fab
    So_Much_Fab Posts: 1,146 Member
    Probably in the 120s for me. I'm 145 now but I'm carrying a good bit of squish on my stomach and my upper thighs are a little "fattier" than I would like.

    This is assuming I only lost fat and didn't gain muscle - in that event the scale number wouldn't matter.
  • _L_A_
    _L_A_ Posts: 170 Member
    I'm 5'7" and started at 172, I'm aiming for 128-133lbs, not sure if my body will be able to settle that low though so if that's too hard to maintain I'll be happy to settle at 140lbs. I'm currently 150lbs but don't have any proper photos of me (just a before/after pose pic in a bikini), I'm currently very squishy but a much nicer shape/size than before!
  • ErynV15
    ErynV15 Posts: 59 Member
    I am 5'7" and currently around 171-173. I have a large frame. Around 157-161 I was in pretty good shape and looking pretty toned.. wearing 10's and even some 8's. I'd like to at least get to 160 to start... and then maybe 150!
  • AddieOverhaul
    AddieOverhaul Posts: 734 Member
    I am a touch over 5'7" with a medium and curvy build (curvy regardless of size). My highest weight was 190, size 14/16. I am currently 154 and a size 8. I'm aiming to get back to my previous weight of 140 where I was quite happy with my figure, which was about a size 6.

    Mind you the number doesn't matter to me that much, it's more how I look and how my clothes fit. So if everything is smooth and firm at 145, that's cool with me.
  • Smccabe8
    Smccabe8 Posts: 129 Member
    Commenting to follow---

    I'm almost 5'8", and 157 pounds, and let me say, it doesn't look good on me. I'm not one of those girls that weight evenly distributes on. I'm small boned, and very pear shaped so I have huge thighs, love handles, and a very lumpy stomach. I look semi-decent with clothes on, but I haven't put on a swimsuit in 3 years because I can't deal with it.

    You ladies look amazing though! I'm hoping some day I can post my before and afters.
  • CJ_Holmes
    CJ_Holmes Posts: 759 Member
    I'm 5'7" and somewhere around 145 currently (I moved and can't find my scale.) I have quite a bit of muscle mass and wear a size 4/6. I originally planned to lose more, but I'm happy with how much I can eat and how I look here at this weight, so I am focusing more on continuing fitness and if I lose a bit more I will not complain.

    Your own goal is going to depend a lot on your muscle mass and body shape. I have 5'7" friends who look awesome at 160 and 120.

    Focus on creating the habits and lifestyle that will give you an active, healthy, balanced body, and you'll find your happy size and weight.
  • mickeygirliegirl
    mickeygirliegirl Posts: 302 Member
    I'm 5'7" and currently 182, my goal is in the 150 range. I was in that range prior and it was to me, the perfect weight for my height (size 6-8) because of my frame.

    Keep your frame size in mind - that's why at different heights there are a range of "healthy" weights. Someone with a frame smaller than me will look a lot heavier at 150 than I would.

    Edited to correct my weight - typo!
  • K8Fit
    K8Fit Posts: 31 Member
    I don't think it's about scale # but body fat %. I think it's important to find out what your lean body mass # is and then plan from there. Even though we are 5' 7" we are going to carry our weight differently based on % of body fat.
  • mccindy72
    mccindy72 Posts: 7,001 Member
    Kind of depends on your bone structure, your muscle mass and body type. I'm just over 5'7" and currently weigh 124 pounds. I'm a size 1/2. I looked fine at 135 as well and was a size 5/6. At my current weight I'm at a body fat of 17%.
  • lvmamaduke
    lvmamaduke Posts: 24 Member
    I'm 5'7 right now 150 ( size 10) but hoping to get back down to my pre baby weight of 140lbs. I was 128 in high school but that was too small for my body shape. I hoping to get into lifting soon so I will be toned and not focus so much on the scale.
  • SerenaFisher
    SerenaFisher Posts: 2,170 Member
    I am close to 5'9" almost 31 and currently 135lbs. My goal is 128lbs and 18% or less body fat.

    I am a medium bone frame, my weight right now is healthy and attractive, but I want to be athletic so to me that is lower body fat, more lean muscle. If I obtain my goal measurements for body fat at 135lbs then that's cool, but usually I am 128lbs when I am at my goal.

    The BMI chart gives a wide range, I think it's all what you want to look like. Do you want to be extremely fit with definition? Do you want to be fit but not have all the muscle definition? Do you just want to lose some weight and muscle isn't relative at all? I think after you start losing weight you will find YOUR happy weight. No one can really tell you what will make you happy.

    Good luck!
  • snyakowa
    snyakowa Posts: 41 Member
    I,m 5'7, the heaviest i've ever been was 144, and I was getting short of breathe and all that, but the reason too was because I ate nothing but junk. My lowest was 125 but maintaining it was kind of difficult, I did aerobics at least 4 days a week for that weight, then I started nursing school, lo and behold, I gained 10 pounds but I seriously don't know where its packed. Since I'm done with school, I can get back to my workout. I'm currently between 133-135, and I feel like I'm in pretty decent shape, I weight lift, sprint,jog and do some jump rope every now and then. Cardio and weights work out perfectly for me
  • pita7317
    pita7317 Posts: 1,437 Member
    Sorry no pics. 5'7
    Highest weight 183.
    Current weight 147.
    Goal weight 136-140.
  • amandzor
    amandzor Posts: 386 Member
    I'm 5'7" and intending on hitting 150 through weight loss, then building muscle until I hit 160.
  • ljs385
    ljs385 Posts: 44 Member
    5ft 7(ish) here

    Starting weight of 179lBs (uk size 16)
    Current weight of 152 lbs (uk size 14 and might I add that I'm jealous of all you ladies at this weight and in a size 12:tongue: )
    Goal weight maybe around the 140s
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