Ladies well over 60?

I have a big appetite and am hungry all the time. What foods will make me feel full without a lot of calories? Any ideas would be welcome. Holidays and get-togethers are hard. I cheat on those days but try not to overdo it. I only lost 3 lbs in 35 days. I was up to 7 lbs.


  • Healthydiner65
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    62 here. Log daily every morsel of food you eat, exercise and go easy on yourself. You will do fine!/Cindy
  • Liliansamata
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    I'm 61, make sure you log all your foods that you eat, also make sure that you weigh the food. I would suggest that you make soups, I.e vegetable , drink a glass of water before eating. This will make you feel full, and try and drink a minimum of eight glasses of water, plus regular workouts. Good luck on your weight loss journey.