Liar liar pants on fire!

kayduro Posts: 249 Member
Ok. I lied. But it was for a good reason. I said I weighed 5 lbs less than I actually do on a questionnaire to qualify for organ donation. Who else has lied about their weight (besides on their drivers license) and why?


  • GelasiaT
    GelasiaT Posts: 74 Member
    I have. I've told my co-workers I weigh less than what I actually do. Why?
    out of sheer embarrassment :ohwell:
  • oxers
    oxers Posts: 259 Member
    I lied about my weight all the time when I was younger. I was a serious dancer with a shot at a serious company, but I pack on muscle pretty easily and I was never, never as svelte as the other girls. They looked like fairies, I looked like She-Hulk. I was SUPER sensitive about it so I would always say I weighed, like, 110 like they did, but every time we were weighed by our instructor or a partner tried to do a lift, it was suuuuper obvious that wasn't the case.

    I've completely gotten over it now. I haven't lied to anyone about my weight in ages, mostly because no one asks me and it's none of their damn business :> I'm really glad I never got down that far, actually, as it would have meant some serious disordered eating to do it. I cannot WAIT til I look like She-Hulk again.
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    I lie about my weight in order to donate blood. I love doing it, and I'm perfectly healthy to do it, other than being a few pounds below the cutoff weight. I actually finish quicker and get in and out faster the people twice my size, so I figure no harm=no foul.