Beeturia! first time! whoop whoop!

itodd4019 Posts: 340 Member
So, this morning I had a few beets that were starting to get soft, so I said what they heck, I will just go all beets, with kale in my smoothie.

Then I ran into the office 4+ miles.

Well guess what- I JUST HAD MY FIRST RED PEE!!! It was fun and exciting! Ya know, sorta like the asparagus pee, is always interesting!

Yes, I am a big runner and very hydration focused, and all that, so I am pee obsessed.

Red pee was cool!

Have you ever?


  • Jruzer
    Jruzer Posts: 3,501 Member
    I have seen this, yes. I'm the only one in the family who eats beets, so when they're fresh in the farmer's market I eat 'em up. It was pretty distressing the first time I saw it! :laugh:
  • Ashaleet
    Ashaleet Posts: 59
    That's awesome!
  • itodd4019
    itodd4019 Posts: 340 Member
    I know right! If I get a pink pooh, I'll snap a pic! haha
  • Gramps251
    Gramps251 Posts: 738 Member
    I imagine your teeth looked pretty red after drinking the smoothy too.