Sucess, Sadness, and a Missing Butt....

So this week I have had it a bit rough. I feel the onslaught of a cold, so my sleeping schedule has been really wacky. I think that this has actually caused me to not lose any weight this week. I have been right on track every week up until this one, with losing 1-2 pounds a week. I am down 26-27 pounds now which is awesome! I weigh in at 199.7-200, and when I started on my weight loss journey back in march I weighed in at 226.5. I have been bouncing around that same 1 lb for this last week now.
Anyway, the thing that I am sad about is getting sick! I think that it is really what kept me from losing this week. I have noticed that it definitely made a difference in my eating schedule as I am sleeping in a lot longer. I kind of have a "fluffy" work schedule any way; I normally work 10:30-4:00. On my “good” days I get up around 7:30 and have breakfast by 8:00 and then try to go for a walk or do something productive in the AM. I do all of my major work outs in the PM as I am trying to get my Hubby really involved as well at the gym. This week though, because I have been feeling sick, I can’t seem to pull my rear end out of bed before 9:30! It really sucks! So that means that I am not actually eating breakfast until 10:00, and rushing out the door to work. Things have been really crazy this week for my eating! YUCK!
Here is the thing that I can say I have done well, I have mostly eaten good food, and I have stayed within my calorie goals each day. I have worked out every day even when it was really rough and I didn’t feel like it. In fact, last night I had my best work out of all from this week, or perhaps I was sweating so much because I am getting sick and what was normal to me normally was actually really hard! Ha!
I measured myself last night, I have lost another ½ inch from my chest, 1 inch from my rib cage, and that little pouch right below my belly button has shrank another ½ inch. YAY! My tummy right at my belly button stayed the same though…stupid stomach…go away!
LOL! As I was measuring myself last night my hubby goes: Where did your butt go? So if anyone finds my Butt, please help it continue on its way, I don’t want it back! LOL!
I think I may take a day off. We shall see how I am feeling. Tomorrow is Zumba Kick off at my gym, so I really want to feel great for that! Although, I know I shouldn’t take today off, as it is my second strength training day of the week. I really need to do it!

Ok thank you for listening. I just really needed to vent a little and pat myself on the back a little!

God Bless all of you my fitness pal friends with good weight loss and great exercise this weekend!


  • BobbyDaniel
    BobbyDaniel Posts: 1,460 Member
    Get well soon! Getting sick in the middle of making progress can be disheartening, but keep the faith! Congrats on the success so far and also remember that venting can be good!
    be God's!
  • i hate it when my butt runs away, maybe they all went on vacation together, because we have been working them so hard, lol.

    i am doing a shakeology challenge after thanksgiving, but on new years i am going to do brazil butt lift, (sounds funny i know), i might make it a friendly challenge for motivation, become my friend and ill let you know how it goes.
    and you are doing awsome :) keep up the good work :)
  • Good job Sarah! Don't worry...what's one more week? Your body is not well and it's important to take care of it. Do what you can to boost your immune system back up!

    I'm hit a 9 day plateau and counting until it slides!!! :D
  • Mirabilis
    Mirabilis Posts: 312 Member
    You know, that butt thing...

    the only thing I miss is that ability to sit still for hours. Now I'm bonier and it hurts sometimes!
  • sarahwright01
    sarahwright01 Posts: 229 Member
    You know, that butt thing...

    the only thing I miss is that ability to sit still for hours. Now I'm bonier and it hurts sometimes!

    Dito that...not that it is a bad thing right?! but i notice when I go to sit on the floor and do exercises, i really need to use a yoga mat, where as before..not so much....
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