Protein and breakfast

Does having a good serving of protein as part of your breakfast matter? If so, what are some tricks to increase the protein you get in the morning?


  • melaniecheeks
    melaniecheeks Posts: 6,349 Member
    Eggs and egg whites. Cottage cheese. Greek yoghurt. Nuts and seeds. Bacon sandwich.
  • gmadkins2
    gmadkins2 Posts: 8 Member
    Today, I had oatmeal, with a scoop of protein powder and some almonds.

    Otherwise, throw a scoop of protein powder in everything.
  • nosebag1212
    nosebag1212 Posts: 621 Member
    doesn't matter, what matters is the total intake over 24 hours
  • dawnna76
    dawnna76 Posts: 987 Member
    I eat a high protein breakfast cause its what keeps me feeling full and charged till my later lunches. If I eat a meal not heavy on protein I am hungry not long after.