Nutritional timescale

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So say my requirements are for example:
2000 calories a day
100g Protein
30g fibre

I subscribe to the calories in = calories out point of view, so if I have set my macros correctly then I lose my lb per week

If I work over a 2 day timescale then

Day 1:
1500 calories
30g protein
10g fibre

Day 2:
2500 calories
70g protein
20g fibre

I should see the same results - I'm guessing that working over 2 days like that is ok

But what's the most I can go up to? Working over a week timescale? i.e a few low calorie days and followed by a few high calorie days?

To get most benefit from lifting, should I be making sure I get adequate protein/calories EVERY day, or just adequate per couple of days? Or even per week?

i.e will 7 x 100g protein be the same as 2 x 50g and 5 x 120?