Losing weight in chunks

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Does anyone else lose weight like this? It will come off sometimes quickly, up to a lb per day for 2 or 3 days and then nothing for two weeks. All while eating and exercising the same way. Hmmm...Maybe that's why I've heard not to weigh yourself daily.


  • Tillyecl1
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    This happens to me too. I weigh myself once a week and I only see a drop in scale number every other week. The last few weeks have gone 65.2, 65.2, 64, 63.9, 63, 63, 61.7kg. I am assuming my body keeps hold of water weight for a couple of weeks and then it goes (probably hormones I guess). So I am losing the amount I want but only seeing the results every other week. If you know it happens like that though it's pretty easy to stay motivated, because even if the number doesn't change one week it probably will the next week

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  • Abi198111
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    Yes, unfortunately weight loss isn't linear - it doesn't go down in nice little quarter pound increments like we think it should. As long as you are getting the desired results though, it's all good.
  • Rancerox
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    This happens to me as well. I believe it comes from your body burning the fat and then "re-absorbing" the excess tissue (skin). If you ever feel you have hit a stretch where you are maintaining a calorie deficit and exercising, but not losing the weight like before, you may want to take some measurements. You are probably losing inches at that point.

    I just recently hit a spot where I was barely losing pounds, but my belt was getting smaller. Then, boom, two pounds gone the next day.
  • happyjack1976
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    Yes and it drove me crazy so I now weigh myself about every two weeks. So much better when you're not getting on the scale everyday!
  • grazer432
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    This is always how I have lost weight. I'd weigh the same or fluctuate over the same lb for a few weeks and then I'd weight myself and gone down four lbs, only to spent a month weighing that before I lost another 4lbs etc. I've always wondered whether for me it is a hormones thing as it always seems to be 2/4 weeks at the same weight, no clue though.
  • Branstin
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    It's natural to lose weight like that then have a few weeks of the scale number not moving. It used to drive me nuts, or nuttier than usual. I don't worry about anymore. As long as you stick to your healthy routine, the weight will balance itself out over time.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    First, to answer your question, yes - it's perfectly normal. No one loses exactly the same every day/week/month.

    There's nothing wrong with weighing every day, you just need to be more logical about it and less emotional. To use your example - if you lose a pound a day for 2 or three days and then nothing for two weeks, that's still 1-1.5 pounds pwer week loss which is a pretty fantastic rate considering where you are at with your goal (about 20 pounds left to lose, per your ticker).

    I weigh pretty much every day and keep a log of my daily weight, as well as a chart of my daily calorie intake and exercise calories on a spreadsheet. It's an easier/quicker way to view these averages over time so I can get an idea of what works and what doesn't.
  • HerbertNenenger
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    Yes,that's me. After my first 30 pounds, I am going 2-3 weeks with no losses, then, it will drop several pounds in a couple of weeks. It's frustrating to be "following all your rules" and not see scale movement, but knowing that if I wait a bit, I will be rewarded keeps me going. That whole MFP adage that weight loss is not linear, yadda yadda. It's true. When I'm not seeing the pounds go down, I can visually see my tummy IS, and my clothes are looser.
  • gringuitica
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    Just chiming in – same here. Pretty sure it's hormonal in my case, as I can predict when in the month I'll see no loss (or "gain," which I know isn't a true gain) and when I'll see a big chunk off. But as others said, even when the pounds don't go down, I do notice a difference in my clothes. Just keep on, keeping on.
  • kcmcd
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    Yes. So I stopped counting anything but a monthly weigh in. As long as I'm trending down for the month - I'm pleased.
  • DucklingtoSwan
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    Absolutely. I do weigh every day, mostly because I'm obsessive that way but I only record once a week, or when i show an actual loss. I do get interested in my trends... I'll go a while bouncing around the same 3 or 4 lb range then suddenly one day, whoosh, one, two or even three pounds down. So I'll watch that another day or so and figure out if it was real or just a fluke, then if it seems to be sticking, I record it.

    oddly enough, I have noticed some of my whooshes happen almost IMMEDIATELY after a day of not so smart eating, or a night of some carousing... just when I'm feeling super guilty about the indulgence... but I gave up questioning it lol

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    That's how I lost most of my weight. I still weigh most days though, I just don't take it personally if it tells me something I don't like, lol.
  • pepperpots377
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    Being somewhat new to the process, I have hit a block. It seems almost like my body adjusts to any changes towards loosing weight, whether that be cutting more calories or adding exercise. Actually when I do more exercise in a week, my weight stays the same or sometimes I increase a couple of pounds. So starting back at the beginning again... Thanks for sharing you experience, I know it isn't just me :)