Bad Weekend :(

So this weekend was kinda rough! First of all, I got sick at the very end of last week, so that means that even though I was working out, I was kinda pooping out half way through. Sigh, then I have been sleeping in every day until i have to rush to get ready for work. This means that I have been missing my breakfast hour of 8:00 and not eating ANYTHING until 10:00, which is normally my snack time. That means that I cram too much in too late in the afternoon.

Finally, I was really excited to go to Zumba on Saturday, as it was our Zumba Kick off for my exercise club. So, I mustered up the strength and went. I had a blast. Somehow, I made it through, BUT i think it made me worse! I started to feel worse as Saturday went on, and then couldn't muster up the strength to cook....So we had Pizza! Gosh!

Then, same story today. So, what did we have for dinner.....MCDONALDS! week is a new week. I know that I can do this...i just needed to vent a little....


  • magglett
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    You're so right ... a new beginning is just one sleep away.
  • Yeah. You did blow this weekend big time, but now it's a brand new week, and time to put that train back on the tracks. I hope that you have your family involved in your weight loss goals on some level because it's just easier that way. Anyway, good luck to you.
  • You need some homemade chicken noodle soup...that's easy to make, filling and will help you feel better...try getting some yogurt, local honey, and even a clove of raw garlic to help boost your immune system back up! Hope you get well soon!!! Don't look back, the damage is done...get a game plan and go for it! So sorry!!!
  • themommie
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    we all have times when we blow it, the important thing is to get back on track. The people that make it are those that dont give up , they get back on track and eventually make it. You can do it
  • kthom
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    Bad weekends are part of life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on. You can get back on track. Remember that one bad weekend will not undo all the work you have done so far! It is a lifestyle and lives have ups and downs. Good luck in the new week!
  • amandac72
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    Weekends are hard at the best of times, let alone if you are sick. Just forget about it and move on!! I hope you are feeling better :)