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What are your go-to "Stress Foods"?

amykluver Posts: 184 Member
I am an anxiety eater, and I'm struggling right now (grad school & life). So while I try to be mindful, I am not perfect so I'm wanting your fave low-cal/low-fat stress snacks.

I love ice cream... but not realistic for me (and I go nuts with it). I can't do much Peanut Butter (I go overboard with it too).

And I tend to want crunchy stuff like Jolly Ranchers (all sugar), Pop Corn (hate the hulls in my teeth), and Pickles (starting to OD on them).

What are your go-to stress snacks (so I can get some new ideas)?


  • brower47
    brower47 Posts: 16,356 Member
    I'm a boredom eater and my go to is whatever is easiest. Leftovers go first and then breads and baked goods. Luckily, this hasn't been an issue for me for several years now. Good luck with overcoming yours.
  • tectactoe
    tectactoe Posts: 73 Member
    I try to get a big bowl of Lucky Charms a few times a week. I usually use a vanilla ON whey protein shake as the milk to better fit my macros, too. I think 2x servings of Charms w/ 1 cup almond milk & I scoop of ON whey comes out to something like 360 calories.
  • cwaldon2375
    I enjoy Pistachios in the shell. It takes awhile to eat and somehow it calms me. I just make sure my sodium levels are okay for the day.
  • jlvanderstoel
    If you like ice cream and peanut butter: make a banana peanut butter soft serve.

    Put two peeled bananas into the freezer, when they're completely frozen put them into a blender with a spoon of peanut butter. Banana peanut butter ice cream!