saying i love you



  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    All the time, but with my male friends it's usually "Love you, buddy!"
  • Sovi_
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    I prefer more than words.
  • oregonzoo
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    I do because I do love them.
    it creeps my fiance out but I don't care
  • kittenful
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    I'm rather fond of saying "I love you". This applies to family, friends, and my Beard-o. The way I see it, there are many forms of love, and I'm happy to indulge in all of them. :heart:
  • jasonmh630
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    Yes, most times... to my male buddies, it's "love you, brother" and to my female friends, it's "Love you, girlie".
  • Pixi_Rex
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    I used to tell my best friend I loved him every single day because I did and still do love him.

    He passed away 11 years ago and the last thing I said to him that night was "Sweet, drinks tomorrow night! Have a good one, drive safe Love you!!!" Little did I know it was the last time I would see him, had I not said it I would have regretted it.
  • _Pseudonymous_
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    Saying I love you
    Is not the words I want to hear from you
    It's not that I want you
    Not to say, but if you only knew
    How easy it would be to show me how you feel
    More than words is all you have to do to make it real
    Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
    'Cause I'd already know

    I love this song... I'm so glad that it is now stuck in my head...

    edited to answer question: I use it flippantly with people at work and people I know, yet somehow I feel uncomfortable saying it family and the guys I've dated. It's weird. I even have to watch the things I say because I use the word love so much that I don't want to accidentally use it carelessly around people that I actually truly care about. Weird, I know.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    Not typically. I find it awkward, especially in person. If a friend of mine says something that really makes me laugh or I think is just awesome, I might say, "and that's why I love you," but I almost never say it any other time. My best friend will sometimes write, "Love you!" in a Facebook post or something, and I always say it back, but it doesn't come natural. I say "I love you" to my husband on my own - everyone else has to say it first or I probably won't, even if I feel it.

    My husband is sort of the same way. He'll say it to his uncle if he says it first, or his grandpa, but he'll only say it to me without being prompted. Unless he's drunk - before we met, he got wasted, threw his arm around his best friend's shoulders, and said, "I love you man. You're like my brotha." He's such a goof.
  • kaaaaylee
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    I pretty much make all my friends say it on the phone to me, and vice versa. It's funny in new relationships I find myself having to think about not using it because it obviously means something different,
  • seltzermint555
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    I have never been really big on saying this to friends. I love them of course, but I don't find that I say it unless something MAJOR has happened (injury, illness, stuff like that). I have never said it to male friends, to me it would just feel a bit weird. I do say things to male and female friends collectively, like "aww I love you guys"...that's different though, in my view.
  • TXRanchGirl
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    texting to someone of opposite gender at the end of a conversation something along the lines of "i love you babe" and they respond with "i love you too" to someone who is "just a good friend" that you have barely known a few months but have been working with closely.... :indifferent: :huh:

    No bueno..
    do I love my close close friends? this time, I wouldnt say I have any close male friends..they all live where I grew up. I do "love" my one friend(male)..he is bi..but I love him like a dear friend and brother.

    I would NEVER say I love you to a male friend..and I would expect DH would not say it to a female friend. I used to not care..certain events have changed my outlook..if I heard him say that or texted that..Id have to say something.
  • RebeccaP1972
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    My thoughts are... Life is short, say it if you feel it.
  • NJGmywholewrld
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    There is nothing wrong with saying I love you to friends, male or female. As caring human beings, we are suppose to have love for one another. It's not like you are going around saying, "I am in love with you." You never know what tomorrow holds. If you love someone, tell them. It may be your last chance.
  • wildrose53
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    Male friends I say "And that's why I love you"

    Female friends, we say it all the time. My son is 25. His girlfriend teases him because he tells me every time we talk that he loves me.

    I agree, life is far too short not to say how you feel.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    theres a history of problems. a lot of trust issues. for good reason.

    Doesn't matter then. Just break up. Seriously.

    I've said "I love you" to close friends of the opposite sex, and they have said it to me, even now that I'm married with a child. Ending it with "babe" or some other term of endearment would cross the lines of friendship for me. My husband is well aware of every friendship I have, especially close ones, so it does not bother him. He knows where he stands, and he's friends with them too.

    And since we're talking about significant others, my husband does not have any female friends that are close to him like that (that I know of) so if I saw texts like that on his phone, he would probably have a concussion...from me throwing the phone at him.
  • MireyGal76
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    I tell my friends that I love them all the time.

    I'd hate to be wiped out by a bus and not have them know that they were important to me.

    I tell my friends on here that I love them too. Because I do. I care deeply for them. I rejoice with their happy, and grieve with their sad. Does it mean I want to bang them? No, Well.... ok... ONE of them I do - but he knows that too. haha

    I think that for the most part, people can tell what kind of love you have for them.
  • TheVirgoddess
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    do you say i love you to your friends ? friends of the same sex or friends & friends of the opposite sex ? just curious how others feel about this. i say i love you to one of my best girl friends because we are very close and she is like my sister but i don't think i would say that to a guy (not including my brother of course!) because i think it might be taken wrong. thoughts ?

    One of my best friends is a dude. Yes, I tell him I love him, because I do (though he's gay, so maybe that doesn't count).

    I deeply believe in telling people how you feel. Love is a gift - a precious one.
  • wolverine66
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    i have told my friends - male and female - that i love them, but i do not say it regularly. usually it's when someone is going through a rough time. i don't think it's ever taken the wrong way.
  • skippygirlsmom
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    I tell my girl friends that I'm really close too all the time that I love them. Not my guy friends, I don't think we are as close.
  • mcibty
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    Yes. Why not?