Casin/Whey protein blends

I'm going to be buying more protein and I'm thinking about trying Muscle Pharm Combat as opposed to ON. I'm wondering if there is a big difference in the slow release rather than ON approach. If it's better for overnight use i'd also be up for buying 5lbs of ON and 5 of Myscle Pharm instead of 10lbs of just one.

ON has been a good supplement for my strength gains but I'm wondering if the slow release is good for my strength building/high volume running routine to drink overnight. Is it worth having both types? Also, is it good to switch up you supplements- sort of like how people think you should switch up deodorants to make sure you don't get too used to one product? Or are both of those myths? :)


  • halleymw
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    I have read that taking a long lasting protein before bed is helpful, but I think the science is kinda iffy. If you are getting the total amount of protein in a day, I don't think it matters that much. If the price is similar, it won't hurt, or you could just eat a greek yogurt before bed.
  • weightloss12345678
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    I have also read that adding a small amount of Casin to your post workout Whey mix helps, not sure about the science behind this one though.

    I personally do Whey post workout and half serving of Casin at night
  • mahmoodtalouzi
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    It doesn't really matter,,,the important thing is to hit your goal of grams of protein per day. Fast or slow released protein won't make a difference.
    That being said,, whey is considered a higher quality protein compared to casein so it will always be a better option.
  • shor0814
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    I take a Casein drink in the evening a few hours before bed mostly to keep me from feeling the need to snack at night. It seems to keep me full through the night and into the morning. Body Nutrition makes a great Whey/Casein/Egg blend (Trutein) that I use for my post workout. It is also a great choice for those times when I might want a sugary drink/treat because it tastes awesome as well.