why 5 weeks?

Anybody know why the program tells us our projected weight 5 weeks from now?

Why 5 weeks? Is there something significant I can learn from this?

I totally like it, it's fun and it is motivating. I just wonder

Why 5 weeks?



  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    I've always been very curious about that too. In fact, sometimes I even put that number on my calendar (obviously 5 weeks out) so that I can compare once I get to that date.... lol.
  • tress29
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    I think it's a mind trick. You can do almost anything, if you know it's short term. So when I have a really great day it tells me a very low number if I did the same thing every day. It makes me wonder, what if I could eat that clean everyday? It motivates me to try a little harder.
  • nilbogger
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    Why not?
  • I think they say it takes a person about 18 days of doing the same thing to make the change stick. Maybe that's why they choice 5 weeks? IDK