Magic Bullet Vs. Nutri Bullet

Newbie wanting to starting making Protein shakes/ Smoothies etc...

Magic Bullet or Nutri Bullet ?

Which do you recommend and why ?


  • ValGogo
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    the magic bullet is smaller. I got the Nutribullet. Well, I think it's smaller....
  • MrsHollingsworthThomas
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    Sooooo. I went with......
    Neither. lol

    For cost-saving reasons, I actually ended up getting the Ninja Master Prep!
    I love that freaking thing. I paid $40 for it from Amazon and it is the bomb. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than the others.

    The reviews were great, so I figured I would give it a try.
    It uses the 'pulse' action where you hold it down for like 10-15 seconds at a time. And it is SERIOUS! It comes with one large container to serve as the blender for making smoothies and another one to serve as a food processor. I put all my junk in there at once and it gets the job DONE!
    This thing was perfect for me because LITERALLY in a 2-month time frame, I had cracked the bowl on my food processor and I was blending so much that my blender was conking out.
    This thing is better than my blender and almost TOO effective as a food processor.

    Look into that in addition to the magic bullet and nutri bullet.

    Hope that was... even mildly helpful :bigsmile:
  • bellyxray
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    I have the magic bullet and it's fine, but it's small, you can't get alot into in. I was saving for a vitamix, but then got suckered into watching HSN the other night and the Nutri bullet was on. So guess who bought one of those? I'm hoping it is big enough to pack in all the good things I want, otherwise I will just be returning it and still saving for that vitamix!

    I had a ninja, something or other for about 5 minutes. That thing did not pulverize anything even remotely!
  • Mini_horse_lover
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    I have the magic bullet, got a huge discount on it so wasn't too expensive.
    I love it and use it pretty much everyday, It definitely doesn't take 10 seconds to blend everything up though.
  • kmbweber2014
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    I have a nutri bullet. Love the different cup sizes. I use it every morning.
  • dt3312
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    I like my Magic Bullet. When I bought it, the NutriBullet wasn't out yet. The MB works fine for smoothies. The Magic Bullet has very poor reviews regarding customer service, so I bought mine at Costco and kept all the packaging and receipt because Costco has an excellent return policy. After less than a year, my MB broke down (which is common, according to what I read on the internet). So I returned it to Costco and got a new one. I think Bed Bath and Beyond has a good return policy, but their prices at the time were higher than Costco, even with the 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (which you can get by signing up on-line at their website).
  • He1loKitty
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    I just bought a Magic Bullet last weekend! With a $5 coupon to Bed, Bath & Beyond it was just under $50. So far, we like it a lot. No, it can't hold as much as a traditional blender, but it's a good way to control your portion size! Also, it's easier to clean than a traditional blender, as you are making your smoothie in the same container that you end up drinking from. I know you were not asking about the Magic Bullet vs. a traditional blender, but these are the reasons I bought the Magic Bullet. I love it so far!
  • celiacgirl1
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    Thanks for that. I have been asking the same questions. Was glad to see you can buy the Bullet for $50 at BBB. I was going to pay $100! Now I want to know if the claims that it breaks down the vegies so much that they are really easier to digest...or am I just hoping and imagining?
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    Brought the Ninja Master Prep on Amazon last week. Can't wait to make some home made starbucks frappi's.
  • breazystrong12
    I've had my magic bullet since December (christmas present) and I recently moved- and now it won't work! I have no idea what is wrong with it, it wouldn't blend anything! No matter what outlet I put in it. Theres no way it could of gotten damaged during the move, i kept it in the original box and everything. Any suggestions?
  • fitness_faeiry
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    NutriBullet wins! - had mine for over a year and its the best kitchen gadget I've ever purchased by far. I use it every day.

    So its got a 1200 kw motor so Its more powerful than a MagicBullet -it can break down the tough fibres in fruits/veggies. Heck I even put nuts in mine. BUY IT!
  • woofer00
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    Ninja Master Prep Pro. Just be careful when washing - they blades are ridiculously sharp.