Stronglifts-- not for beginners?

I was recently told by someone claiming to be a certified trainer that a 5x5 program is not suitable for a beginner. He said the beginner (in this case, a 20-ish man) would, without a doubt, hurt themselves.

This really surprised me, as I've been lifting for years and often saw 5x5's used as a beginner's program. Have you ever heard these sorts of warnings? Did you start with a 5x5 yourself? If so, were you ever seriously hurt?


  • ftrobbie
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    It is frequently touted as the ultimate beginners programme, alongside Starting Strength, there are several others. The problems will come with poor form especially in the latter stages when pushing yourself with working near your maximum capability. And of course it is so simple you do not need a PT. Google and you will see on a lot of weightlifting forums it is this type of programme that gets recommended the most for beginners, you will outgrow it. People split into different camps about the specific programme, but the mechanics are the same.
  • OmegaAlpha007
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    I think the injuries* happen when the beginner doesn't know his/her weight for the "bench press" strong lifts are very good but if you don't know your limits you can seriously injure yourself. I saw this hefty young kid (200+lbs) benching 135, I thought he was going to do them with ease... but no he struggled and flopped around like a fish out of water... Form Form Form..

    While yes stronglifts are a basic thing to start with you always want to take a bit of time to make sure you get the form down.. some people get scared with heavy weight all they want to do is push it back up.. when in reality they should focus on good form... That's where I think the injuries come from personally..

    EGO plays a big factor on this..

    remember your muscles might gain strength quick at first.. but your ligaments/tendons and all that take a while to adjust.. and bad form doesn't help ...