The Most Awesome thing - Lately

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So, something SUPER awesome just happened to me. I will tell my little story, then you tell yours.

I walk dogs at my lunch, there is a shelter downtairs from my office. After walking lots of dogs, falling in love over and over, and unfortunately seeing that some just don't get adopted. Ya know, like a female pitbull that has already had puppies, and has scars on it's tail end from abuse.

Well, we had a dog just like that. Her name is Samantha. Most walkers don't walk her, but I arrive late, so she is usually the one that needs walked. Hence, we have a relationship.

This week she went on "free adoption" status. I'm sure you can guess what that means.

WELL- today I walked her, introduced her to a guy siting on a bench downtown having his lunch. He took a liking to her.

HE FRIGGIN FOLLOWED ME BACK TO THE SHELTER AND ADOPTER HER ON THE SPOT!!!!!! I cried all the way back up to my office,

that's a friggin awesome thing!

So, let's have a positive thread, and you tell your "Awesome Thing- lately" story.




  • cbarn025
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    That's pretty cool man. I can't cosign you crying back to the office but the stroy is amazing.
  • branflakes1980
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    In all seriousness though. I love a feel good story like that!! :flowerforyou:
  • cindyj7
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    Well, you made me tear up a little. Great job Todd!! You are all kinds of awesome! :flowerforyou:
  • itodd4019
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    LOL yeah, I can be a boob :sad:
    but I'm an a**kicker too :grumble:

    my pendulum swings both ways, all the way haha

    what's happened to you guys?
  • _John_
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  • iceey
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    That is friggin' awesome and made MY day! Love when good animals go to a great home.