Doctor Who?

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Doctor Who Fans
Who is your favorite Doctor and why?

Mine personally is the 9th doctor. There is just something about him that I enjoy!
"Before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I!"


  • tacticalhippie
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    I love the 9th.
    I think it was because of his attitude.

    And of course the 10th.
    To be honest... he was dreamy.
  • sixout
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  • giphy.gif

    There's just something about his personality :smile:


    Btw there's a group for Whovians that we all make sure to keep active. We even have a weekly watchalong :drinker:
  • sixout
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    Does the War Doctor count?
  • DWBalboa
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    I love them all including the War Doctor. But the last three (9,10,11) have all been simple spectacular!
    I may lean more towards the 10th as he wore Chuck Taylors.
  • DoctahJenn
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    For Classic Who, I have to admit a soft spot for Hartnell. I seriously wish he was MY grandfather, that adorable old man. <3<3

    For modern Who.... ugh, you want to make me CHOOSE?! lol

    Ok, ok. I loved the Ninth. He was sassy, and funny, and brilliant. But I think I'm going with Tennant today. He was just absolutely phenomenal.

    ((Also, we have a group! Search for "Whovians of the World Unite!" And feel free to FR me.))
  • conqueringsquidlette
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    Nice to see Eccleston getting so much love here. <3
  • WendyZ82
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    I love the 9th doctor! Just something about that big goofy grin! I love it! But I also love 10! I mean David Tennant is amazing and very sexy! I also loved 11 but for me 9 and 10 are my favorites! Can't pick only one.
  • michelleepotter
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    9. And also 10. But 11 was really great. So was the War Doctor. And 4. 1 -- absolutely 1. So, um, basically all the Doctors I have ever watched on TV, or read in a book, or listened to in an audio book.

    But not the comics. They're kind of terrible.
  • AbsolutelyAnnie
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    I appreciate and respect 9, but cannot say love.

    I do, however, love 10 and 11 pretty equally and for different reasons. They both had all the great Doctor qualities. But 10 was charming and 11 was endearing.

    I must confess that I am nursing a pre-crush on 12. :love:
  • bethira
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    I <3 David! I can't ever imagine anyone surpassing him. But Chris was my first Doctor and he was brilliant. They say you never forget your first Doctor :)
  • bekim123
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    What's this "doctor" stuff? And why is there a police box in my front yard?
  • WelshPhil1975
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    I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi now – I have seen him filming scenes in Cardiff (my office building has been in a few episodes from the last few seasons) so it’s fun to spot locations, etc, when it comes on the telly.
  • Cinnamonhuskies
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    David Tennent....hands down ....also his father-in-law Peter Davison made a smashing Doctor in his day, also as Tristan on All Creatures Great and Small in the late 70's...... :)
  • greengoddess0123
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    I :heart: :heart: #9. But I love them all for different reasons.

    What about companions? My favorite ever was Ian Chesterton, the science teacher who went with Doctor #1. He was so 1960s manly hot. :smooched:
  • maddieftaylor
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    9 was my first doctor, but I'm afraid 10 was the love of my life so I'm going to have to go with David :love:
  • Okapi42
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    I really didn't like 11, I'm afraid, and I liked Clara even less. 9 and 10 were better.

    It may be clichéd, but 4 all the way.
  • Tracey_B_72
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    Tom Baker was my Doctor and I liked Peter Davidson too.

    But I love all the new Doctors, Christopher, David and Matt.

    Little fact for you all, Patrick Troughtons grandson has the acting bug too, Harry Melling is Dudders in Harry Potter.
  • abrockhausen
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    Definitely 10!! He just melted my heart. And the seen where he delivers the half human version of himself to Rose kills me every time.

    Rose: But he's not you.
    The Doctor: He needs you. That's very me.
  • EmmaEVille13
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    Sorry everyone... it's Matt Smith for me :) I started watching Who when he was the Doctor and I just adore him as Doctor Who. I love the whole storyline with River and Amy.

    However I also love the War Doctor and my favourite scene is when he talks to "Rose" and she says "No MORE.... nomore!"

    Great now I want to watch Doctor Who and I am at work.... THANK YOU :D