Does Anyone Else Calculate Cost / Gram?

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Let me preface this by saying that someone took my Fage out of the fridge today at the office and ate it :mad: :angry: :explode:

I walked next door to CVS to buy a couple and they're $1.89 / cup (single serving). Then I got to thinking, "well, I'm probably going to eat 2 of these so with tax that'll be about $4 dollars for 26 grams of protein. I can get a Potbelly's Big Chicken and Cheddar for $7 and that has roughly 77g of protein."

Doing some quick math, since I'm Asian:

Fage @ CVS - 6.5 grams of protein per $1
Potbelly's Big Chicken and Cheddar - 11 grams of protein for $1

For $3 more, I went with the sandwich. But I love Costco where I can get my yogurt for $1 / cup :bigsmile:


  • SezxyStef
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    I don't have to the grocery store I go to does it for me...

    Yup right on the price tag on the gives the cost per 100g..
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    My boyfriend does that! I'd need to sit on the floor in the isle with a pen, paper, a calculator, and a protractor to even start doing that math lol. Clearly I'm not very good at math.