NSV and lifting positive!

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
today while biking,at about mile 13 my Ipod died,,so I have a few miles to think in my head instead of sing,,I was thinking about my lifting and what I think it is doing for me,then I realized I dont have those weird little saddle bags on the outside of my thighs that I HAVE ALWAYS HAD BEFORE when I lost weight,,I am going to contribute that to 5x5 lifting! yes for lifting!!! and also the reason junior sizes now fit me better then womens!


  • madhatter2013
    madhatter2013 Posts: 1,547 Member
    I had that same NSV a couple weeks ago when my husband bought my a Juniors size dress for my birthday and it fit. Feels great, doesn't it? LOL Outstanding job!
  • bubbles1212
    bubbles1212 Posts: 206 Member
    That's an awesome NSV!! My moment of realization was walking into a store and seeing myself in the door!
  • spirit095
    spirit095 Posts: 1,017 Member
    Awesome NSV! I like being able to fit into kids/junior sizes too because their clothing is cheaper haha
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