Best way to get started for a 60 yr old?

My mother-in-law is turning 60 this Saturday (June 7th). For her birthday she wants to start doing some sort of physical activity (i.e. a class). She is approximately 270lbs and has a slew of health conditions related to her heart and lungs. Currently she has difficulty walking the two blocks from her house to the Walmart (she gets short of breath and her legs hurt, and her ankles swell to the same size as her calves)

What would be something good for her to get started?


  • mymodernbabylon
    mymodernbabylon Posts: 1,038 Member
    She might want to consider water exercises. They take off the pressure of being overweight on limbs...ex. aqua aerobics. But make sure she talks to her doctor about doing this first.
  • KayandBelle
    KayandBelle Posts: 22 Member
    Definitely make sure she clears it with her doctor. If she is motivated enough, she could improve her fitness a lot. Start slow and go up from there. It is never to late to get into shape.