50+ Multivitamins before 50?

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I have a question. I'm sure there are some here who will know the answer.

I am 46, and it is time for me to buy another bottle of multivitamins. I was thinking that starting a 50+ vitamin, would be good, even though I am not 50. It seems that taking them earlier would help build up whatever vitamins and minerals that I start losing after 50.

Does that make any sense?

Currently I supplement with - multivitamin, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glucosamine, Omega 3-6-9, Calcium, Magnesium, and TMG. The TMG is only for 6 months though, for a round of liver repair.

So, do you think I should get the 50+ vitamins? And why yes or no?


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    it doesnt make much a difference to my knowledge. im pretty sure the 50+ vitamins just have additional selenium and zinc, maybe a bit more calcium.

    but its not like you "build up" these vitamins, they go through your system decently fast thats why you need to take them every day to make any difference, and 50 is just a baseline average, some people may benefit from taking those when they are 30, some may not need the switch until they are 60. its up to you
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    Bump this up one more time, going to order vitamins before the end of the day.