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Coconut Water

What do people think?

Is it a health drink? Is the sugar a problem? Is it any better than fruit juice?

I bought some yesterday and it tastes a bit like heavy water that's filling - bonus!


  • zoe2434
    zoe2434 Posts: 69 Member
    I love it, but it's too high in sugars for my goals :-(
  • KimmyFantauzzo
    KimmyFantauzzo Posts: 12 Member
    I found a recipe for coconut water that I plan to try out. It is has coconut water, bananas, and frozen pineapple chunks in it. You mix it up in a blender and turns into a smoothie. :smile: :smile:
  • misschoppo
    misschoppo Posts: 463 Member
    I love it and drink it regularly, never been concerned with the sugar to be honest, the vita coco brand has 5g/100ml sugar but also has a decent amount of both potassium and vitamin C :) I just drink it in moderation & enjoy it.
  • jellybaby84
    jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
    I'm not concerned about sugar as such but I have absorbed the messages about the 'evils' of fruit juice to the point where I won't drink it. I'm thinking that coconut water is different but not sure if that's just the advertising.