NSV,saddle shopping! horse people will get it!

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
so,today I went to the saddle shop,the folks that own it I have known for 10 years,brought my horse along and fitted him for a new saddle.The owner of the shop didnt recognize me! I traded in my 2 year old saddle because it just wasnt fitting me anymore,it was a size 16 inch seat,western trail saddle,circleY..bought a new barrel saddle,circleY and heres the best part! its a size 14 seat!!!! I was so happy!!! seriously,if your a horse person this is the best thing EVER!!! edited to ad: my ticker is just what I have lost on MFP,I have lost a total of 60Lbs since late last July.


  • TheSnark
    TheSnark Posts: 7 Member
    Hey congrats!!! That sounds so exciting. I have the issue of wondering, "am I too heavy for my horse..." I hate that. I hope you have a great time hitting the trails in your new saddle!
  • RekindledRose
    RekindledRose Posts: 523 Member
    Wow that's great! That's two sizes less, and I'm sure your horse is happy too!

  • scg17
    scg17 Posts: 88 Member
    Congrats! That is an awesome way to celebrate. Lol, my horse is what is pushing me to loose my last 10 lbs to goal, and keep it off. She's 22 and we're still competing!
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