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    Court is not a deadline. Think of eating healthily as lavishing care on your body. Fresh fruit and yogurt in the morning is such a treat! A lunch of chicken salad on whole wheat with pickles, a few squares of dark chocolate and a cup of tea is like a lady's tea time. Grilled salmon with an orange ginger glaze, rice and asparagus in lemon and butter, and a glass of good Reisling; you can't get it as good in a restaurant! Plenty of water and a snack of cheese and crackers or some roasted pistachios if you need a bit more.

    Exercise can be a run, kickboxing, zumba, pilates, weights, body weight workouts, swimming. The key is to find something you love to do and go do it. An hour is plenty every other day.

    The mindset changes into treating your body with honour and love, rather than punishing it for gaining weight and forcing emotion-driven binges into it one week and then starving it into submission the next.

    If you wouldn't give it as advice to a teenage girl, don't do it yourself.
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    HIre lawyer to show up in court for you.

    Lol I think this is the best advice!!!
    And yes I am aware I still have disordered eating...and yes treatment is wayyyy too expensive ( for those of you that dont know-- treatment centers are over 1000 dollars a day and insurance rarely covers it) far as unrealistic goal? It's calories in vs calories burned yes? Eat 1200 burn 1450 bmr 1750 would create a deficit of 2000 a day equaling 4 pounds a week? And please don't jump down my throat if this is crazy--- I'm trying really hard NOT to be anorexic. I'm new to this

    Netting a negative amount for the day is going to harm your body.
    I know you've said that you have disordered eating habits, but from what I've read so far, it seems like you are on the edge of a relapse. 40lbs in 2 1/2 months is not going to happen. 40lbs in two months is likely going to get you put back into treatment, if it doesn't send you to the ER first.

    Please get professional help as soon as possible. The cost is nothing compared to the importance of your health, well being, and most importantly, your life.

    This was honestly my first thought. OP, your situation sounds like you're toeing the edge of relapse. The prospect of losing 40lbs in 10 weeks is a dangerous one, and especially so for someone who is trying to recover from an eating disorder.

    It's worth the cost to your wallet now, to get the help you need to recover, so that it doesn't cost you your life later.
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    At the risk of oversharing--- my husband served me with divorce papers ten days after I got out of treatment for the anorexia and we are going to court in ten weeks--- hence the ten week goal.

    When I went through my divorce, the LAST thing on my mind was my weight (I had a nervous breakdown). And if your weight problems are a contributing factor to the divorce, you aren't going to gain any points by screwing up your body. Take care of the problem at hand FIRST (the divorce). THEN you can work on anything else. Continue therapy and just take care of you. There is plenty of time to lose weight when your mindset is on a more even keel. Good luck !
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    I am 5'2 and 145 pounds about right now. I lost 5 then gained ten with the binging in the last eleven days. I have been in treatment for the anorexia for many years but the binging is new (for the last 8 months). I am not seeking anorexia, my ideal weight throughout treatment was 105 so that's what I am seeking. My binging is terrible when I feel like there is no hope to lose 40 pounds. I am hoping if I can give myself a boost I will feel better about myself and will eat healthy.

    At the risk of oversharing--- my husband served me with divorce papers ten days after I got out of treatment for the anorexia and we are going to court in ten weeks--- hence the ten week goal.

    I want to be healthy---- so protein shakes???

    Ugh--- I wish there was a magic pill

    Your husband is a jerk and you have nothing to prove to him at court. I know that's easy for me to say, but it's the truth. Doing a juice cleanse or water fast would not only not help you lose weight, it could trigger another binge half-way through it. If you can't seek out a professional due to financial issues, maybe you could find a support group nearby.

    Don't judge the husband too harshly. The OP has battled anorexia for many years, so her husband has most likely been thru hell and back with her. She is definitely NOT recovered from her eating disorder, and it may be that her husband had to finally leave the situation for HIS mental well-being.
    I was married to an alcoholic/addict for 8 years, and finally ended the marriage for good, less than a month after he got home from rehab. Sound cruel? Nope. He made it barely 17 days out of rehab before he started using again. I had to do what was best for my children and my own sanity. I could no longer keep my children in a house with an addict, and it was obvious that he was never going to change.

    I haven't dealt with severe eating disorders, but I can imagine the stress it causes in a marriage is similar to living with an addict.

    OP- if you are not in frequent therapy sessions, you need to be. Not sure why you think you need to lose 40 lbs by the court hearing. If it is because you think you can get your husband back if you weigh 100 lbs, get that idea out of your head. Being 100 lbs will not solve any of your problems. You were there and less than that at one time, and it cost you your marriage.

    Work on your mental health- NOT your weight at this point.
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    Just gonna drop this right here...

    There's a chat feature.