Halfway there!

lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
I'm approximately at the halfway point of my journey of losing 68lbs, still a lot of work to do but I thought I'd share a quick picture of my progress as I'm feeling quite pleased with myself (never been able to lose weight before). I'm currently 16st 7lbs aiming for 14st, I started at 18st 12lb at the end of March.

The picture on the left was in March and the one on the right was today:


Note the daft neckbeard I used to grow so people knew where my jaw line was meant to be!


  • tanyaj2014
    tanyaj2014 Posts: 24 Member
    you look fantastic :-) well done x
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    Thanks :) x
  • SymphonynSonata
    SymphonynSonata Posts: 533 Member
    It's the things like this that make me wonder why God wouldn't let me be British. You look great!
  • Jillish23
    Jillish23 Posts: 226 Member
    Fantastic! I'm always amazed by a progress/after photo during weight loss (or gain)! Looking so healthy and just hope you're as happy as you look in the first photo! :smile:
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    Aww thanks you guys, really nice to hear!

    Jillish: Don't worry, I'm actually in a much better place now than I was then (despite the smile), I just look sullen in the one on the right because I'm subconsciously posing!!
  • Jillish23
    Jillish23 Posts: 226 Member
    Haha! Gotta love a good selfie now and again! :smile:
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    Had a little fluctuation on the scales in the last few days but now I'm exactly halfway there! Only 2.4lbs to go until I also get out of the obesity level on the BMI!
  • KatyE213
    KatyE213 Posts: 446 Member
    What a difference and in a short space of time too. Well done, sure you will achieve your goal! :smile:
  • Great job! Good luck on the second half. I am sure you will do it!
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    Thanks you two, I'm hoping I can do something similar to that big guy on here that lost a lot of weight and ended up looking freaking amazing :)
  • fr053n
    fr053n Posts: 2,793 Member
    Good job! Don't stop going
  • lenac87
    lenac87 Posts: 383 Member
    You look great! Awesome job!! :)
  • haildodger
    haildodger Posts: 181 Member
    Nice job Cap! You already look slim @ 230lbs... you must be one tall mother, or just built like a tank. lol
  • sparklenglitter
    sparklenglitter Posts: 52 Member
    Way to go!! You are almost there!!
  • Super-impressed ... well done you!!!
  • RJenxi
    RJenxi Posts: 31 Member
    Inspirational post keep going you can do it !!!! :smokin:
  • lewispwest
    lewispwest Posts: 498 Member
    Thanks for the kind words guys, appreciate it!
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