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Hey all, I am working on staying fit, and losing weight. Mostly by running. so i am looking for some friends with similar intrest in running.

So far it's going great. I ran 65 miles last month, and am getting into the habit of running almost every day. I have run half marathons in the past, but I was never focused on my training. Now I am running more than I was when I was training for my half's. So that has me thinking about running another one this summer.

When I Started running again, my normal runs were usually 5k's. And after my long runs id have to take a few days off of running. Now I am running 6+ miles 2 or 3 times a week. and often running the day after my long runs.

My Achilles heel is Sweets. Always has been. I can't seem to shake it. So instead of cutting them out completely, I just watch my daily calorie intake, and have them in moderation. I'll grab a donut in the morning once, maybe twice a week. Instead of 3 donuts to start every single day of the week. Lol And as long as I am working out as much as I am, I will burn of those calories no problem. Hopefully I can keep it up and hit all my goals.
Anyway feel free to add me.



  • pastybuns
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    I actually just picked up running last year - the typical C25K endeavor. Since then, I've now completed three 5K events. I used to hate running, now I get a 5k jog in every other day or so.

    You're a much better runner than I (I've never really pushed myself into longer distance running), but I'm sending you a friend invite anyways. I know you'll motivate me, and maybe someday I can do the same.
  • NicoleSchimmel
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    Your progess is impressive!

    I started running last year, but am running more this year. I signed up for my first half (9/21/14), so I'm training for that. I usually run 2-4 miles two days a week, but need to increase it.

    I found out today that I have a stress fracture, so I'm not able to run until 7/7 (at the earliest).

    Feel free to add me!!

  • shmulyeng
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    I started running last fall. My short run is 5K. Long run is 7-9 miles. Training for a half in the fall.