Matronly Menopause!

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Aedreana here, brand-new to the site. Greetings, everyone! I am 61 and a victim of postmenopausal weight redistribution. Currently experimenting to find the weight at which I will look the least old and matronly! The sordid details (not for the faint of heart!): When my waist and butt simultaneously did a disappearing act, I found myself suddenly in a very odd place. I was too fat in the waist, yet too thin of butt. I went on a diet, lost 27 pounds. At 108 (I am 5' 3 1/2"), I had lost too much volume in my bustline. I also had developed severe deep wrinkling of upper arms, as well as puckery wrinkles on midriff and belly. Even the skin just above my knees looked wrinkly. Not pretty. Not acceptable. A trade-off NOT worth it. I have to weigh 118 or less, I discovered, to now have normal body contour (a waistline) but at the expense of smooth unwrinkled upper arms. I decided to gain back into the 120s. It worked to remove the upper arm wrinkles. But my lower butt still looks like wrinkled fabric. I would be willing to be fat just to get rid off the butt wrinkling. But it failed. I have smooth arms again, still a wrinkled butt, and my midriff/waist/belly is smooth but very fat in the upper 120s. So now I have decided to drop back down probably to somewhere in the mid-hundred-teens to lower-120s, knowing it will be a compromise because I will still look horrifying, until I can win enough money in a contest, sweepstakes or lottery to get cosmetic surgery. To young people reading this: No need to laugh at me because this will probably happen to you someday too. If you are not laughing at me, thank you, and be ever so grateful you still have a butt, no matter how big it is!


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    Have you tried weight training? It's excellent for preserving the bones and it should help with your "redistribution" problem, too! There are lots of older ladies at my gym who have really shaped up by using the weight machines. Some of them have hotter, fitter bodies than the girls in their 20's. :flowerforyou:
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    Hahahaha, I'm not laughing AT you, but at your wonderful writing style. You're really funny!!!
    Getting old sucks!
    I'm 53 and have also noticed the butt disappearing. Hmff.
    Will have to do more weight training back there, hopefully some muscle will keep it from shrinking away more.
    I'll be watching this space to see what other people advise :smile:
    In the meantime, keep you your wonderful sense of humour, I love it!!
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    Thank you, Jenilla. Actually, I have avoided exercise my entire life. Physical activity makes me hostile! I am told it is "adrenaline"-- if I am forced to be active (such as, having to pack and move when I get evicted) I turn into an evil *****, cussing everyone and everything! I have heard that some people find exertion relaxing; however, I am a Type B personality-- I was even a sedentary child. You might be absolutely right. I think that the possibility exists that exercise could improve the disastrous blob I have become. As much as I want to look halfway-decent at 61, I just can't face the terrifying prospect of exercise.
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    Thank you, Outfit. Please keep me posted to let me know whether the weight training worked. I wish you the very best of luck. I had hopped that by losing 27 lbs. and then regaining some, that my skin would have at least shrunk a little so that I would look firmer than before the weight loss. I am amazed at how my arms are smooth now and don't want to sacrifice that. So I will have to see what happens when I soon start a diet again. More power to you for trying the weight training! I hope that it is successful for you!