Kettlebell Advice

Just to give a bit of background first: I'm 33, 5'6" and currently at 208lb. I have lost 48 so far and want to lose another 48-52lb for target. When I started I was extremely unfit but am now at the point of working out 5-6 times per week - usually 3 runs plus 3 other cardio/strength sessions. I started out using just 1kg(2.2lb) dumbbells, then progressed to 2kg (4.4lb) and an now regularly using 3kg (6.6lb) weights.

I really want to give kettlebell work a try so I got myself a DVD and, after some internet research, I was recommended to start with a 8kg (16.6lb) kettlebell. Now that sounded a little heavy to me, however the websites said that due to the way you work with a kettlebell, that should be the minimum starting point for a woman.

Anyway, I have tried several times to do the DVD with the 8kg kettlebell and it is just way to heavy! I can do some of the moves, but anything above shoulder height is just out of the question and I have to switch to using just one dumbbell.

Are there any seasoned kettlebell-ers out there, who can recommend a good weight to start at?


  • badbcatha05
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    I started with a 7lb and quickly moved up to 15lb. There were certain moves I had to keep using the lighter bell for while the heavier one was fine. I recently moved from 15lb to 25lb. Again, the same moves I had to use the 15lb for while the 25lb was not a problem. The most problematic for me with the heavier weight was windmills. I still use the 15 for them, 25 is not possible for me.

    Keep using the dumb bell where you need to but don't switch completely away from the 8kg. As you get stronger start adding in a few reps with the heavier one as long as you can keep good form. If you can't keep good form, go back to the dumbbells. Maybe consider getting a couple dumbbells between 3kg and 8kg for those moves. I think that the 8kg is a good starting point for most of the moves you will do, but it's ok to modify down if you really can't lift if on certain things.
  • SarahxApple
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    I would suggest looking up some basic KB movements on line, KB swings, Goblet Squats as you can do those with two hands on one KB and they don't have to go above shoulder height, alternatively just keep doing what you are doing but only use one or only go to shoulder height. There is no shame in building up and it saves you buying additional KB's (you can get them in 4 or 4.5kg).

    Good luck I really enjoy KB swings (they are one of the few things I progressed fairly quickly with when I started out doing lifting/strength training).

    Obvs, not a PT or anything but the above is what I would do.
  • JaneyB311
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    Thank you so much for the advice. Glad to know I'm not just being a weakling! I will stick with the 8kg for some moves and the dumbbells for the rest and hopefully progress up.

    Thanks again ladies :)