Net calorie question.

Honestly - my body is in so much pain. My back really hurts and I probably need a really good stretching video as I have NO IDEA on how to stretch properly. Recommendations welcome on that.

I have really been pushing myself and I don't want to push myself off the cliff of "giving up" I have been there too many times. I started NOT eating ALL my exercise calories back. I have been eating about half back and netting only about 1,000k a day. My average calories per day net are 1350. I probably should be eating up to my 1490 net??? Will that help with the sluggish feeling.

I tend to binge eat and i'm trying to prevent that. This is my new lifestyle but i'm thinking I may have been getting too greedy and wanting to lose to much to fast. I ate 3.5 slices of pizza last night. I enjoyed every bite. Wednesday I walked over 5 miles.

I'm still over 100lbs over weight. Any ideas on slowing down..... I still want to lose weight rapidly... HAHA. Maybe i'm going to have to just suck it up and take my less than a pound a week losses... and go with it. I just see all these people losing 80-100lbs in a year.. and at my rate that's not going to happen. But... it is what it is. I'm glad to be losing.


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    eating enough will help that sluggish feeling, but if you're working out too hard, you may still have it, as your body may not be able to keep up with its demands.

    losing weight very rapidly means you'll be burning some muscle, and muscle is what burns fat, so if you lose muscle, your body will burn less calories when resting. pushing too hard also leads to people tending to binge and to get sick more often. and everyone i know who lost tons of weight in a year tended to gain it back rather soon. it's not a lifestyle to eat less food than your body needs for health. patience sucks, bigtime, but in this case, i think it pays off.

    best of luck to you - and you CAN do it! i've lost 72 pounds so far, and started a food diary may 1, which has helped with this leg of my journey, started here on MFP 11 days ago and it's helped, too.
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    pick one...

    healthy and at a reasonable rate where you aren't tired fueling your body with an appropriate amount of food which is not 1200 btw...


    Unhealthy at a fast rate where you are tired while punishing yourself for gaining weight by starving yourself.
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    Check YouTube for beginning stretching exercises. Secondly, forget about losing weight fast. You gained it slowly so focus on losing it the same way. A net of 1000 calories is far too low and that is the reason for the sluggishness and probably binge eating as well. The minimum is 1200 and any amount less makes it very difficult to meet your body’s nutritional needs. Make sure your MFP profile is set to match your lifestyle before any exercising then add your exercise and eat back half of your exercise calories. If having more food is important to you then set-up your profile to lose about 1-1.5 lbs. a week instead of 2 and eat enough protein and fiber to keep you full longer. Drink plenty of fluid to keep your body hydrated and it also helps with over eating.