Six Month Progress

jenabugg Posts: 51 Member
I have struggled with my weight from a very young age. Despite years and years of unsuccessfully attempting to lose weight through low calorie/low fat diets, I figured I was destined to be overweight the rest of my life. After an illness last November which resulted in a dismal prognoses for me as I aged, I felt both desperate and determined to make a change. My doctor recommended that I cut my carb intake. Having heard critical comments by various people throughout the years, a low carb diet was not a plan I had ever attempted. My sweet husband helped me to figure out a plan that I could tackle as a lifestyle. For some context -- because I know some people are going to scream and holler about low carb diets being the bane of the world -- I have hypothyroidism and PCOS which make a low carb diet particularly appropriate for me.

My Plan:
-I eat between 50 - 60g of carbs a day
-Workout 45 minutes on the elliptical 5 days a week
-I have one cheat day a week where I can eat as many carbs as I like (I know some people get all worked up over "cheat" days, but it is my plan and I can call it what I want)
-I read an amazing post when I first started in December about doing low-carb diets as a lifestyle. Drawing from some ideas expressed by the poster, I stray from my plan occasionally and enjoy life. For example, if someone brings some brownies into work, I try them. If the first bite is not amazing, I throw it away.

Okay, here is my progress so far along with pictures. As of June 1st, I am down 48.4 pounds. Although I started December 1st 2013, the first picture is on January 1st, 2014, which was about 15 pounds less than my highest weight.




  • meabea
    meabea Posts: 30 Member
    Well done! I can really see a significant difference between your before and after pictures. I love how you have your plan and are sticking to it. Keep it up. You're an great inspiration.
  • Tigre_Lily
    Tigre_Lily Posts: 26 Member
    Keep up the awesome work!
  • feliscatus84
    feliscatus84 Posts: 80 Member
    I say more power to you if you are comfortable and happy on your diet because that is what is most important! You want something sustainable. I have a good amount of weight to lose as well and I tend to stay lower carb about 60-110g a day and I do well with it. It isn't for everyone but if you plan right you can have the sweets and things you like. I even had ice cream today so it's not like I can't have those things. I've lost 35lbs since January this way. I don't feel deprived and I don't get the extreme dizzy feeling from being super low carb if I were under 60g. It's a good balance and feels like something I can maintain forever. Great job on your weight loss! Keep it up! You're doing great!
  • chopsart
    chopsart Posts: 123 Member
    You go girl! Congrats on your success.
  • janatarnhem
    janatarnhem Posts: 669 Member are doing great!:drinker:
  • Stopin_da_yoyo
    Stopin_da_yoyo Posts: 138 Member
    Keep up the great work I can really see a huge differance.
  • mhoeff1
    mhoeff1 Posts: 163 Member
    Wow look at you your doing fantastic!!! SO happy for you keep up the good work! We can really see a big change
  • jenniferpark01
    jenniferpark01 Posts: 34 Member
    Way to go!!! I am glad you found something that works. You are looking good!
  • AleciaG724
    AleciaG724 Posts: 705 Member
    Excellent progress!!!
  • ReneeIsReady
    ReneeIsReady Posts: 97 Member
    Love the results, you look great!!
  • jenabugg
    jenabugg Posts: 51 Member
    Thank you for the encouraging comments. My weight loss has slowed down the last few months, but it is always exciting to see the number on the scale go down. I always find encouragement looking at other success stories on this forum.
  • Lala690
    Lala690 Posts: 4
    Wow you look amazing keep up the great work!
  • TXEXrunner
    TXEXrunner Posts: 178 Member
    Jena, that's an awesome accomplishment! 1/3 of the way towards your goal. You are obviously doing something right. Keep up your routine. We look forward to more of these reports in the future!!

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