heart rate monitor quit working

I have a polar f24 and have had it for a year and half. A few months ago, I replaced the battery in the watch. This week it started having a hard time getting my rate and would show 0.. One run I got it go turn on at my half way point. Yesterday day I replaced the battery in the sensor and on today's run nothing would get it on
any suggestions what do try next?


  • cantfail
    cantfail Posts: 169 Member
    You have probably already done thins, but when my HRM starts to act up it has been because the chest strap needs to be washed. If that isn't the problem, I'm clueless. Sorry
  • trijoe
    trijoe Posts: 729 Member
    Check inside the battery compartment of the chest strap. Sometimes sweat can get in there and gunk things up pretty badly. You may have to clean that out. If it's too rusted, then you simply need to replace the chest strap.
  • clackamas1911
    with my Polar FT40, I find replacing both batteries at the same time worked best.