So close...and yet So far away.

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I've been on MFP since 2010; privately - doing my own thing. I have dropped almost 80 pounds - and I now have less than 14 to go...and it is harder than I ever thought possible. I'm not sure if I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself, not eating enough, not eating too much....but the scale will NOT budge. I have been stuck for MONTHS. Frustrated is not even the word for what I am right now.
Thought and re-thought; typed and deleted, finally decided to go public on MFP and see if I can get the advice? motivation? help? not sure what I need at this point - but I definitely need to add something to my regimen.


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    i would suggest lots of raw foods! green tea....warm lemon water in the morning..and spicy foods if you like them!
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    What does your exercise routine consist of and have you tried to switch it up?
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    Grapefruit has always worked for me. I eat a whole one every morning with breakfast. I was told months ago by an instructor who was leading a cycle class I was in is that the reason you may be stuck at a certain weight for a time is that your body is getting used to the new weight. I know someone who went 8 months without any weight loss. She kept it up and eventually the weight started coming off again. Just hang in there and keep going.
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    Congratulations on your weight loss !!!!!, I would open up your diary and let some of the people that are on maintenance take a look.
  • Congrats on losing so much wait, very inspiring! Losing so much weight is a reward in itself even if you are stuck at a plateau now. I wouldn't starve yourself because your body will only hold on to that extra weight. Maybe you need to adjust your workouts and nutrition. Eat more lean protein and veggies and add a protein shake to your diet. Motivation is definitely a big factor for me. I run Challenge Groups on Facebook where we support, motivate and keep each other accountable in a private FB group. Feel free to friend me! Good luck with your transformation!!

    Alla Pustelnik
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    I walk 3-5 miles a day and run 3-4 miles a day at least 3-4 times/week. I had shoulder surgery at the end of February and have just been released to start back with upper body. I started kettle bells 2 days ago - and oh my, am I weaker than weak in my upper body.
    I still can't do a proper push up - and burpees are out until August.
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    You can do it! Don't do what I did. I lost 70 lbs and had 40 more to go. I was soooo close but I gave up and gained that 70 lbs back plus more. Just take it a day at a time. Good luck!
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    You can do it! Don't do what I did. I lost 70 lbs and had 40 more to go. I was soooo close but I gave up and gained that 70 lbs back plus more. Just take it a day at a time. Good luck!

    Thx...I refuse to go back. I have pictures in places all over the house and my phone to remind me of how far I have's just frustrating right now! Hope you are back on track to being a healthier you, as well!
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    Same situation here, although I'm 3 pounds away, but to be fair a lot of women my size try to go smaller than that, so it might be why.

    Keep a small deficit. Log everything accurately. Weigh your food if you haven't been. Make sure you're not overestimating burned calories.Try to be patient.
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    detox for a week to give your body a "Shock"--boost
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    I switched to maintenance for about six weeks. I was reluctant to do so since I am impatient and the summer was about to come. But it was actually the right thing to do. I did not gain weight in that time and afterwards I started to lose really fast again. This time only 7 lbs but in about 3 weeks which is pretty good actually. Now I am a bit stuck again. I will give it some more time, but I will definitively go back to maintenance for a while if I see no progress. If this is what my body needs, then it makes no sense to not do it. It's better to work with than against your body and if your body needs time to adjust, then take that time. At least this is how my body works and I am convinced that there is some endocrine, metabolic foundation to that