New clothes rant

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Warning: Sorry, I just need to blow off steam and feel sorry for myself.

I've been on MFP for I don't really know how long. Before I came here, I was a member of Weight Watchers for something like 3 years. I came to MFP for two reasons: 1. It's free; and 2. I'm not much of a joiner and don't like attending meetings.

At WW, I lost 25 pounds. Which was great, but I started out at about 193 pounds and I'm 5'6". So when I came to MFP I was still about 25 pounds overweight.

I've lost about 14 of that 25 so far, which is great. So why am I ranting.

Because I went to try on some new clothes today. I have a new job coming up soon and I need some new clothes that fit better. And for all the hard work I've done, trying on clothes is still an ego killer.

Because with all the weight I've lost, my legs are in fantastic shape and my upper arms still carry some fat, but all of my remaining weight is sitting right on my torso. So I basically look like a heavy rectangle. So if the hips and thighs in a new pair of trousers look good, the waist will be way too tight. And if the waist fits, the bum and thighs will be baggy and horrible.

I know having them tailored is an option, but I can't help but wonder if I'm EVER going to look good in new clothes, and where trying on a new bathing suit doesn't make me look like a very poorly cased sausage.



  • LaurenPell123
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    I feel you :( in all the shops I used to love my waist is a size 10, my chest is a 12 and my thighs are a 14 -.- buying clothes that look nice is impossible everything just hides the fact that I now have a waist
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    I know the feeling...I've left many shops crying my eyes out! Seriously!! But it does get better. I'm now at 135 lbs and finding clothes is much easier now!!I weighed 202 after giving birth. Anyway, keep your head up and keep going :-) do some strength training and you'll be fine :-)
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    Because it will get better
  • hellsbells3272
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    Different sizes are bad on me too. I still have hips and thighs, but a teensy waist, so trousers drop down and I look like a sack of potatoes!!!
  • sheppeyescapee
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    I definitely know what you mean. I have trouble finding trousers for that reason, if it fits waist then the bum and legs are way too baggy. I also have the trouble of tshirts not fitting my arms as I push a wheelchair so have fairly big arms for my top size, so if I get the right size for my chest the sleeves are cutting into my arms. I've definitely noticed that I've lost a lot because I still have a few older XL tops that I wear in bed and they are like tents now.
  • angiez93
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    Ugh I think everyone has this problem!! Including myself haha. I have nice legs, but my butt/hips are pretty large and my waist is tiny. Nothing fits properly - thankfully my mom is a tailor. Having clothes tailored to you is absolutely the best option if you can do it.

    Even my friends who are incredibly fit and slim can't find things SMALL enough for them, and it makes them sad too. Clothes will always cause us anxiety lol.

    Try not to feel bad! Clothing is manufactured to fit a certain shape - and often, nearly always, it is not what the majority needs.