weigh daily or weekly?

What's more motivating for you? Daily or weekly weigh ins?


  • hellosay
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    Daily! Keeps me on track.
  • mousetrousers
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  • SnuggleSmacks
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    I weigh daily, but I only log it if the weight has gone down, or if it's been more than a week. But I don't panic or get frustrated when the numbers go up. That's a problem for some people, though, and those people should only weigh once a week or even less.
  • fallingtrees
    fallingtrees Posts: 220 Member
    Daily. That way I can chart the ups and downs and overall trends.
  • Well I guess it good to weigh weekly... Because...it helps to show the positive effects of your diet plans and workout..If you weigh daily then you are not surprised with the results .meanwhile you kept on track of daily basis.. :):)
  • JesterMFP
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    I don't know about motivating, but I've always found it more useful to weigh in daily, and to use that data to observe the overall trend. It really helped me to understand how and why my weight fluctuates. Going up or down a pound or two overnight doesn't necessarily changes in bodyfat, but when you look at the weekly or monthly trend, you can see what's happening. I found weekly weighing less useful because I'd never know if I was seeing an upwards or downwards fluctuation - an anomaly due to water retention or dehydration etc.

    In the end, I don't think it matters too much, as long as you understand that the scale doesn't tell the whole story and that it's useful to have other ways of measuring progress (tape measure, photos, fit of clothes etc).
  • cast59
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  • LumberJacck
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    Daily, but I think that some people can get emotionally attached to the numbers (good or bad) in which case maybe weekly is better.
  • patrickfish7
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    Daily. I like curvy graphs, not jagged ones!
  • mevvies
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    I weight daily usually, helps me stay on track, and I have been able to notice and change a few things in my diet.

    I do not get hung up on the numbers, if it goes up slightly I go back to look at what I did yesterday and see if I did anything wrong, (like not drink enough water) and change it accordingly.
  • jamesryanfletcher
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    Daily, but I calculate a smoothed trend. I log on MFP weekly.
  • ejane24
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    Weekly. I used to weigh myself daily and it drove me crazy, I began obsessing with making sure that the next day the number on the scale will be lower than the previous day, but if you're a person who understands that weight can fluctuate even up to about 5 lbs, then daily weigh in's are a good tool for you to use to motivate you!
  • Wynterbourne
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    Weekly. Too many variables (water weight fluctuations, weight of undigested food, etc.) to want to see daily numbers.
  • ik70
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    Weigh daily but log weekly. Usually if I am within calorie limits I do lose a pound in a week so I try to log in weekly.
  • ChristineRoze
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    I'm a bit random with my weigh ins, I do mine every now and again, or when i need a bit of motivation.

    If i over eat, i like to wait a bit before weighing in and if i eat really well i also like to wait so i can see a nice progress on the scales :)
  • I prefer daily, it keeps me on the right path because I find if I have a really bad day and overeat seeing the results of it on the scales the next morning encourages me to have a better day. However I do understand that some people prefer to do it weekly because its not always great to fixate on what it says on the scales. I think its a personal thing :)
  • Phrick
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    daily. I only log my weight on MFP once a week (ish) - up, down, or the same - but I weigh in and log in an iphone app called Monitor Your Weight on a daily (or nearly daily) basis.
  • sharonpink
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    I just bought a scale yesterday for the first time. I have been weighing in weekly at my Significant Healing Center. I hopped on and was at the same weight I was there last Tuesday. I'm hoping that by tomorrow something has dropped off, because I feel I'm doing fairly well and nothing dropped off last week. I'm only going to log on here weekly for the results of any loss/gain. But I may start hopping on daily.
  • adstott
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    I wish I could do weekly but I'm so crazy I need to do daily and it's beginning to drive me crazy. The plus side it keeps me on track I think!
  • _KitKat_
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    Daily.....I like numbers and patterns so this has helped me understand my bodies fluctuations. If someone has an emotional reaction to increases in weight than this may not be ideal for them. I think it is interesting and can now guess where in my range I am after certain things like a great workout. I also normally know when a new low is coming.