First week of the journey

chilly1470 Posts: 178 Member
Just started last Thursday and already down 1% of my BMI of 51. It is a start!


  • bbsmom65
    bbsmom65 Posts: 1
    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! Keep up the good work! I am on day 10 of this way of myfitnesspal!!!!
  • Timshel_
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  • fishermanmatt
    fishermanmatt Posts: 308 Member
    Great job! Just keep doing it one day at a time. You'll amaze yourself at what you can accomplish.
  • lilhope72
    lilhope72 Posts: 24 Member
    Great job!!! Keep it up and you'll keep amazing yourself with what you can achieve.
  • jiagetsfit
    jiagetsfit Posts: 273 Member
    Keep it up and more success will come your way.
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